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Top Reasons to Switch from Android to iPhone-Hi-Tech Fashion

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

If you’re looking to buy a new phone, consider the iPhone if you want a device that’s user-friendly, secure, and maintains its value.

Content that does not spark debates about Iphone better than Android or vice versa. Android users often assume that iPhone users only care about brands. On the other hand, iOS fans assume that Android devices have complicated, impractical features.

Top reasons to switch from Android to iPhone - 1

While both iPhone and Android have their bad points and good points, there are some areas where one operating system outperforms the other. Here, the iPhone will have some strong points that Android users surely dream of.

Hold value

Samples New iPhones Most often cost at least 10% more than top products from Android brands like Samsung or Xiaomi. However, they often retain their value longer. All smartphones drop in price after a year or two, but Apple products often have resale prices close to their original retail value.

For example, compare the Galaxy S21 with the iPhone 12. Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro Max in November 2020 and retails for $1,199. In March 2022, users can buy a used model for around $900. On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which hit the market in January 2021, also retails for $1,199. However, its resale value has dropped to around $550.

Less security risk

iOS devices have the upper hand when it comes to cybersecurity. iPhone has tighter security than Android thanks to its proprietary App Store, closed ecosystem, and quick updates. These make iOS devices more difficult to hack.

In addition, an iPhone is very unlikely to be infected with a virus. Most iOS devices with compromised security systems are either jailbroken or fraudulently performed by unauthorized technicians.

This is not to say that Google’s cybersecurity measures are weak, but that often customizing Android devices leaves them vulnerable to a number of security threats.

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Extremely friendly interface

Android has an open platform that is fully customizable. Users will have full control over the settings on their smartphone and can use multiple apps on Google Play to execute them. However, this level of customization also creates a drawback, which is that users need some technical level and customization experience to use the Android platform, which not all smartphone users have.

In contrast, iOS devices have a simple, user-friendly interface. They come with various features pre-installed, so users can start using them from the very beginning. They won’t need much time to learn the iOS interface.

The Apple ecosystem is seamlessly integrated

Admittedly, Google has made some progress in integrating Android devices into its ecosystem. However, creating a well-organized ecosystem, interconnected by gadgets is nothing compared to Apple.

Not stopping there, Apple’s internal features are tied to its integrated, self-contained ecosystem. Users can use services like iMessage, Apple Pay, FaceTime, and iCloud on all their iOS-enabled devices, thus enabling full system integration.

Easy to spot fakes

If you intend to buy a used smartphone, do research to verify its authenticity. Scammers have been selling counterfeit devices for decades now. Moreover, the fake Android phones being sold in the market look very similar to the original version, so users need to pay attention to the microscopic details on them.

Top reasons to switch from Android to iPhone - 4

However, verifying the legitimacy of a old iPhone significantly easier. iOS devices have a proprietary interface, so it’s easy for users to spot counterfeits as they likely won’t have features like Siri, iCloud, or even the App Store.

In addition, each iPhone comes with a unique serial number, which users can go to Settings > General > About and navigate to the serial number section. Then copy and paste it into Apple’s service test page. If given a legitimate serial number, users will see the device’s valid purchase date, phone tech support expiration date, and service coverage.

The camera is easy to use and the photos are more realistic

Based on camera specs alone, users will find that many Android devices are better than the latest iPhone models, especially as top Android brands like Samsung equip their devices with higher quality camera systems. .

For example, compare the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 108MP camera with the ability to record 8K 24fps video. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 12MP camera that can only record up to 4K 60fps.

Despite the difference in specs, many people still prefer the iPhone’s camera. The reason is because it has more functions and it produces more realistic and natural images. For example, 4K video recording will be more common than 8K. Users will not benefit from a high-performance camera like the Galaxy S22 Ultra if they only use it to take photos and record videos to post on social networks.

Quick update

Apple makes its software updates available on all supported devices as soon as they are released to the market. Meanwhile, Android devices usually receive updates weeks or months after Google releases the latest version of Android. This is because Android manufacturers often apply their own software overlays (like Samsung’s One UI), so they need time to optimize each new update.

Top reasons to switch from Android to iPhone - 5

Even top manufacturers like Samsung or Xiaomi are not able to release updates quickly. Google only provides direct operating system updates for its own smartphones: the Pixel 5a and Pixel 6.

Apple Pay is simpler to use

Apple Pay ranks among the best platforms for contactless payments. Users can quickly integrate and access it from their other iOS-enabled devices, such as Apple Watch, iPad, and MacBook.

Options like Google Pay and PayPal also offer notable features. However, their interface is a bit more difficult, plus they don’t come pre-installed on Android devices.

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