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Warning tricks to “upgrade” 4G and 5G phone sims to appropriate property

On March 15, Da Nang City Police issued a notice to the police of units and localities about fraudulent tricks to appropriate phone sim cards.

According to Colonel Nguyen Van Tang – Deputy Director of Da Nang City Police, recently, in Da Nang, there has been a situation of criminals performing tricks to appropriate the right to use personal phone sim cards, thereby appropriating secrets. password to bank accounts, e-wallets, social network accounts… to appropriate property.

Specifically, the object of collecting personal information of the victim, taking advantage of the service policy of mobile carriers that allows mobile subscribers to redirect calls to another phone number, the subject of calls to The victim pretended to be a customer care employee of the carriers, asking the victim to upgrade the phone sim from 3G sim to 4G, 5G sim to improve quality…

Next, the target requests the victim to text according to the syntax given by the object, which is actually a syntax for service users of carriers to allow mobile subscribers to redirect calls to an arbitrary phone number. period.

After the victim successfully sends the message he wrote with the above syntax, the victim will lose control of the sim because the fraudster’s sim becomes the “original” sim, all calls to the user’s subscribers immediately. is forwarded to the subject’s phone number.

From there, the fraudster easily appropriates the victim’s social network account, bank account, e-wallet, etc. by logging in and selecting the “forgot password” feature.

The service provider will send an authentication code (OTP) to the sim card of the phone that the person has just appropriated, thereby easily taking over the victim’s social network account, bank account, and e-wallet.

Finally, the subject appropriates the victim’s money in the bank account, e-wallet or uses the victim’s information to borrow money through online lending apps, leading to the victim being owed large amounts of money. .

Therefore, the Da Nang Police suggest that people raise their vigilance and do not let fraudsters appropriate property. chn

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