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When will your parents come back, grandma

Surely those who are parents also want to always be close to their children to take care of and monitor their children’s growth day by day. However, many times due to circumstances, they are forced to leave their children to earn food and hope that their children’s lives will be better. Often going far away, parents will ask relatives such as grandparents, grandparents to work far away.

When will the parents come back, grandma - The 3-year-old girl's words make everyone cry - Photo 1.

The heartache of a mother sending her child away to work (illustration).

Like many other parents, Linh, from Ha Tinh, had to leave her child behind and send it to her grandparents to stay at home to work in the industrial zone of Bac Ninh.

Ms. Linh shared: “The couple got married since they were empty-handed, both sides of the family are not well off, so the couple’s life was also troubled with many difficulties. So the couple decided to give the baby a baby. When Bi is 3 years old, she will send her grandparents to work far away. Knowing that she will miss and love her child very much, but because she earns money for her children’s clothes and life in the future, she still has to go no matter what.

Ask about baby Bi, learned that on the first day without her parents, she always went around the house to find and cry for her mother, but after a while, she gradually got used to it, but always asked her grandmother that “When will you come back to me, Grandma?”. Every time the husband and wife call their grandparents, they only look at their children on the phone from afar, but do not dare to meet them for fear that Bi will cry and ask for her mother.

Linh also shared: On the Lunar New Year 2021, my wife and I returned to our hometown, at that time in my heart I was very excited to meet our children. When I got home, I ran to hug my baby tightly and cried a lot. Baby Bi said to her, “Can you stay at home with me”, after hearing that sentence, the whole family was choked with tears.

Currently, the work of the couple Linh is also stable, so they decided to take their child to Bac Ninh to send him to school and this is the time when he needs his parents beside him to teach him. Ms. Linh shared more “From now on, it’s time for me to make up for my children’s feelings during the days when parents are absent.”

Yes, it is true that no one wants to be away from their children, but also because of life, it is imperative to do so. Children always need their father’s love, no matter how far apart they are, they always need their parents by their side. After long journeys, partings and reunions with loved ones. 20220315201959464.chn

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