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Add these 9 foods for stronger bones

Good health depends on many factors and one of them is diet. Healthy food coupled with good sleep and exercise can do wonders for your body, both mentally and physically.

According to nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor, “The xstay healthy formulated with a combination of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consuming them at an early age can help build bone health into old age.”

Experts list 9 essential foods to eat for healthy bones, including: Almonds, green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, yogurt, olive oil, bananas, oranges, sesame seeds and soybeans.

Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor also mentions some important things to keep in mind:

Eating too much food containing animal protein such as lamb, chicken can cause the body to lose calcium. This is why consuming a balanced diet is important.

Eating too much salt found in processed foods can lead to calcium excretion. Therefore, it is important to balance salt intake.

Drinking too much alcohol is a risk factor for osteoporosis. Therefore, you must limit or avoid alcohol.

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, which has been linked to calcium loss. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid drinking too much tea or coffee.

“In addition to consuming the above foods, it is essential to do physical activity and exposure to the sun to provide vitamin D3,” the expert concluded.

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