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After 21 years of searching for a child, the parents trembled when they heard the police’s revelation

“The trafficker is none other than your brother!” After learning that her son was really kidnapped, the woman received such an answer from the police.

On a July afternoon, 2000, in front of a farm in the countryside of Dechang County, Liangshan, Sichuan, China, a young woman stood at the door and gazed into the distance with tired eyes.

That woman is Bao Dinh. Early that morning, Dinh Hoa – her younger brother knocked on the door and said: “Today is my nephew’s birthday, I will take the child to buy a pair of shoes as a birthday present. Summer is here, but I’m too stingy to buy you a pair of canvas shoes.” After saying that, the younger brother took Tieu Khai out of the house and promised to return before 12 noon.

Bao Dinh at home prepares rice and water. But the rice was finished cooking, the clock was only 12 o’clock, but still no brother brought Tieu Khai back. Waited for the afternoon and still did not see, Bao Dinh rushed to her parents’ house, but her younger brother was not there.

Bao Dinh’s gut was restless and restless. She thought of a bad omen, so she decided to call the police.

After 21 years of searching for a child, the parents trembled when they heard the police's revelation
Tieu Khai went missing at 6 years old

The local police quickly locked the target as Dinh Hoa. But at this time, Dinh Hoa was already running far away.

In 2003, Dinh Hoa was hiding in Yunnan when she was found by the police. Faced with her sister’s interrogation, Dinh Hoa confessed everything. Turns out he owed gambling money at the time. The amount was too large to pay, so he sold his nephew to a trafficker.

21 years of hard work to find children

After his son went missing, Vuong Gia Thanh – who is working in Shenzhen, quit his job to look for him.

He traveled around the provinces, spending a lot of money in exchange for news of his son. Train stations, shopping malls, cinemas are also imprinted with the footprints of family older brother. Newspapers, radio and television stations have also published and broadcast missing person notices, but there is still no news of the child.

5 years passed quickly, on July 5, 2005, it was Tieu Khai’s birthday again, and Bao Dinh and his wife put together a birthday cake, lit candles and sang happy birthday songs in tears.

At that moment, Bao Dinh’s phone suddenly rang. At the other end of the line, a man’s voice came out: “Hello, we are calling from the Duc Xuong District Public Security Office. Your lost child may be in Lan Khao, Ha Nam.”

Putting down the phone, the couple were both surprised and delighted, just wanted to fly to Ha Nam immediately. But when Vuong Gia Thanh was struggling to book tickets, Bao Dinh wondered: “Is it a scam?”.

During the years of looking for a child, the couple was scammed out of 3,000 yuan. This time, just to be sure, Bao Dinh and his wife told each other to check carefully. It turned out that at that time, the police in Lan Kieu, Ha Nam received a mysterious call.

A man said that his classmate’s family suddenly had a child about 10 years old. You say it is the son of a relative in Sichuan, but before that neighbors, relatives and friends have never heard of him having relatives in Sichuan. Furthermore, the child calls the friend’s spouse parents. The man suspected that the baby was bought by you and your wife, so he reported it to the police.

Feeling that the information seemed to coincide with the missing child of Bao Dinh’s house, the police called to notify the couple to come and compare.

Hearing this news, the hearts of the couple Vuong Gia Thanh flared up again with the fire of hope. The next day, they and the police went to Lan Kieu, Henan.

Police in Lan Khoao district arranged for Bao Dinh and his wife to go to the house of the child’s “parents” in the name of visiting relatives. The couple pretended to talk while looking closely at the child.

After observing, they discovered that the boy was about the same size as his missing son, but Xiao Khai had a pointed chin, while the child in front of him had a round face. Their son has dimples but the child in front of him does not.

Realizing that the child was not their own, the couple returned to Sichuan with disappointment etched on their faces. However, they have not given up yet. The couple continued to look for children as usual, even though they had spent all their savings.

After 21 years of searching for a child, the parents trembled when they heard the police’s revelation
Tieu Khai’s parents have been looking for her son for 21 years.

Time flies, 21 years have passed in the blink of an eye. Wang Jiacheng has also become old and weak. Even so, the couple still thinks about Tieu Khai constantly.

In April 2021, the couple suddenly received a phone call from the police, asking them to come for a DNA test. A week later, interesting news came out that the couple was related by blood to a young man in Lan Kieu, Ha Nam.

It is worth mentioning that the young man is the person the couple met 16 years ago but insists that it is not their child.

Hearing this news, Bao Dinh and his wife trembled. They don’t know why they didn’t recognize him then. Perhaps due to the cold winter, the son’s face is somewhat numb. Along with the underdeveloped science and technology at that time, limited testing conditions, they missed the opportunity to recognize the child.

The child was bought for 8000 yuan

Tieu Khai’s adoptive parents have a son. But that son was in a car accident and died. So they decided to buy Tieu Khai for 8,000 yuan (about 28 million dong).

When her identity was revealed and her biological parents appeared, Tieu Khai felt very tormented. After more than 20 years of working together, everything at Lan Khoai has left a deep impression on him. His adoptive parents also worked hard to nurture him. He also got married here and has a stable job, he understands that he cannot return to his birth parents.

However, after thinking calmly, Tieu Khai still felt that he should not be too selfish and should accept his biological parents. In the end, Xiaokai and his adoptive parents took a special trip to Sichuan.

After 21 years of searching for a child, the parents trembled when they heard the police's revelation
The reunion after 21 years was full of tears.

In Sichuan, Tieu Khai’s biological parents decorated the house like a big festival to welcome their son back.

A day later, Tieu Khai told his biological parents that he decided to return to Henan. Although Bao Dinh and his wife were very sad when they heard the news, they still calmly accepted this story. After 21 years of searching, compared to other parents who are expecting a child, they feel they have been lucky enough.

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