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An essay exposing the merciless sister of an elementary school student is making netizens excited

Writing practice is not only an important lesson for students, it is also a source of laughter in the eyes of adults, because essays are written from a naive point of view, sometimes too much imagination or being honest.

Recently, an essay by an elementary school student shared on social networks has caused many people to laugh and cry because of his sister’s merciless “mask”.

The text of the assignment is as follows:

“My sister’s name is Gia Han. This year he is in 11th grade, he is very good at school. His certificate of achievement hung all over the house. His eyes are black, his mouth is wide, his skin is white. She is a girl but very clumsy and active. Not like that. Parents are often helpless. He also talks a lot and babbles. My parents always said “the child has a mouth, a mouth and limbs”. You yell at me a lot, but I still love you very much.”

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This little girl depicts her sister very honestly, from her extraordinary achievements to her bad habits, all of which she observes in her daily life. However, the girl still does not forget to emphasize her great love for her sister at the end of the article: “You often shout at me, but I still love you very much”.

Some important comments from the online community:

“This essay is like ‘punching and rubbing’, when the scandal is over, I still love you so much”;

“The little girl who is usually in this house must have a great deal of observation and attention to discover the many special details of her sister”;

“Criticism of the dead, in the end, they still love you so much, oh my God, why are you so dear”;

“Just like my brother, writing without difficulty, reading his essays is about ‘exploiting’ me”;

“What elementary school children are most afraid of, write honestly. Buy samples for the kids.”

It is true that children are always naive and honest. So, just reading articles like this, adults have a chance to relieve stress as they witness interesting stories from children’s point of view.

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