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Angry wife found out her husband was living with another woman after 2 weeks of arguing

The clip recording the wife catching her husband cheating is being shared dizzy on social networks. After only 2 days of posting, the video has attracted more than 6 million views and angry comments.

Specifically, the account D.B posted a video with the caption: “After arguing with my husband, I went back to my hometown for half a month, when I returned to the motel room, I saw that my husband was living with another woman“Notably, the husband’s minor tam is the sister who is close to his wife.

In the video, the wife’s sister angrily said:That’s a bright face, sisters and brothers like that, but going in and living with someone’s husband is like that. That’s everyone, people and husbands quarrel and then move in like right, beautiful face?”.

After that, the sister-in-law constantly questioned this person for the reason and thought of destroying the happiness of other people’s families like that? As for the mistress, she was standing in the attic with a very nonchalant expression “What do you mean?”

A clip of angry wife discovered that her husband was living with another woman after 2 weeks of arguing: Tieu tam is a close sister

While the wife’s handling is extremely calm, she constantly explains and analyzes her wrong actions for her husband’s mistress to understand. In response, this woman laughed and said: “I admit it from now on I know I was wrong”. Hearing that, his wife shouted loudly: “I know I’m wrong, I know that you and Mr. B are nominally husband and wife, but why do you stay like that?“.

Notably, despite witnessing the whole incident, the husband did not say a word and did not have an attitude of repentance or wrong knowledge. It is not clear how the wife will handle the next situation with this awkward situation on the one hand, her husband on the other.

The clip is still going viral on the forums and receiving mixed opinions. However, the brazen attitude of the mistress and the blatant adultery of the husband is the most pressing thing.

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