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AO made 16 million USD and still spent it all, had to beg in the street

(Sports news) A former basketball player who once earned 16 million USD in his career is still begging.

Former player basketball Delonte West recently caught the attention of the American public when he returned to play in a tournament called the “Big 3”, a basketball tournament for former players who played in the professional league. NBA. West is a player whose career has not been very prominent, but has suffered a lot of notoriety because of his personal life.

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Delonte West returns to basketball after months of begging on the street

West played in the NBA from 2004 to 2012 and later played for several other basketball clubs in China. Retired after 2015, West’s life surprised the public when it was discovered that the former player was homeless and begging on the street, even though he once earned more than $ 16 million in salary only. especially during his years playing in the NBA.

It is known that West has health and psychological problems. Despite earning a lot of money, the former player also spends a lot to buy a house for his parents and to provide for relatives. Even during his competitive period, West was once seen working at a furniture store.

In September 2020, many photos appeared online of West begging at an intersection in Dallas, Texas. Hearing the news, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks club that West played for, billionaire Mark Cuban, personally drove to pick him up. Mr. Cuban then used his own pocket money to let West go to a rehabilitation center for drug addicts, as well as pay for a hotel room for West to stay.

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West while playing for the Dallas Mavericks

Now West has a job at the same rehab center and is reunited with his mother after many years apart. In addition, billionaire Cuban also paid to hire a psychologist to treat West, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (abnormal psychological changes) leading to depression and drug addiction.

Now West has returned to basketball and is ready to compete in the Big 3, which also features another former drug addict but has changed his life, Lamar Odom. The income of players at this tournament is not bad, with a starting amount of $ 165,000 / year and a bonus for each win of $ 10,000. These are far below the salaries of players in the NBA, but are a good income for someone living in the US.

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