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ASEAN countries discuss solutions “Restoring learning, rebuilding the education system”

Minister Nguyen Kim Son and Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc attended the conference at the bridge point of the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training

On the afternoon of March 16, after taking over the role of Chairman of the ASEAN Education Channel for the 2022-2023 term, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training coordinated with the Cambridge Partnership for Education and the ASEAN Secretariat to hold a conference to discuss solutions to “Recovery from the rest of the world”. learning, rebuilding the education system”.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Vietnam’s Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son emphasized: In the new recovery period to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, we not only focus on the “recovery” factor but also need to draw on experiences to better prepare for future crises.

Given that ASEAN countries have been making efforts to build a more resilient and resilient education system, the Minister proposed a number of specific efforts such as: Reinforcing the school system. learn; prepare face-to-face and online blended learning educational models; adjust the program to comprehensively equip learners with both the knowledge and the necessary competencies to adapt in the new context; improve learners’ self-study and self-development capacity.

Appreciating the significance of the Conference, Minister Nguyen Kim Son said that the Conference would be a great opportunity for ASEAN countries to exchange and share experiences and practical lessons on the recovery process in the field of health and safety. education sector of each country and of the whole community. At the same time, he believes that the sharing at the Conference will make a useful contribution to supporting countries in the region and related parties in formulating policies and developing initiatives to overcome and minimize the impacts. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education system.

At the meeting, the ASEAN Education Ministers discussed the restoration of learning, rebuilding the education system with three main themes: knowledge gap and learning enhancement, education access and building resilient education system.

The representative of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc delivered a speech at the Conference. In which, giving statistics on the impact and influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on Vietnam’s education; efforts to overcome difficulties, adapt and change to both ensure safety and ensure opportunities and quality of education.

According to the Deputy Minister, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no single form of learning that can completely solve the problem of learning deficits in the following aspects: lack of learning materials, not being able to attend school. schools, inefficiencies in online teaching, in assessing student learning outcomes, or in student-teacher interactions, and student-student interactions as a whole.

To partially solve this problem, Vietnam’s education sector has been flexible in organizing online teaching, using learning management systems and learning websites to enhance student interaction and opportunities. . For disadvantaged areas, focus on learning on television at fixed time frames with an appropriate timetable, combined with distributing printed materials to students to ensure learning results, The connection between teachers and students’ parents is always noticed. In particular, the Ministry of Education and Training organized a contest to contribute online lectures by all teachers according to each lesson in the program.

Emphasizing that post-pandemic recovery is a topic that Vietnamese educational leaders are very interested in, even at this time during the pandemic, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc said that the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training has urgently submitted The Government’s project “Strengthening the application of information technology and digital transformation in education and training in the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030”. In particular, it sets out important indicators in the target to 2025 such as access to online education: 50% of students, each student and each teacher are eligible to participate effectively in teaching activities. and online learning.

At the same time, focus on developing teaching and learning policies in a new context, considering the following factors: shaping new learning methods/models, combining, applying, building flexible learning models active, build open learning materials, apply the results of new technologies; close linkage between ministries, departments, sectors, public-private partnerships, promoting open solutions, with diverse contributions; ensure fairness and equality in access as well as learning opportunities for all target groups, with special priority and focus on supporting disadvantaged groups.

“This is also the time when we need to think about restructuring education in a broader picture, in a new context, in a world full of changes and challenges, not only because of the pandemic but also the challenges of the world. factors related to politics and society, this requires an education to really focus all policies and initiatives to create the product “independent learners, self-reliant, brave, highly creative, capable of global citizens, contributing to the development of the country and the world”, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Phuc said.

After the Conference, the Organizing Committee will develop a policy summary report. This report will be used for educational policy making in ASEAN countries and the UK.

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