Benfica suddenly knocked Ajax out of the Champions League

With home field advantage and slightly better force, Ajax confidently put the squad up to “eat up” the opponent in the second leg of the 1/8 round of the Champions League. And they almost succeeded. In the 7th minute, Benfica’s net vibrated when Haller cushioned the ball close to the goal to score. However, the goal was disallowed because before setting up a teammate to score, Tadic was offside.

This is a warning blow for Benfica. But even so, they still could not regain the game. What they can only do is fend off the rush of the ball from Ajax. In the 11th minute, Alvarez headed close to the goal in the penalty area, unfortunately the ball went wide of the post. Not long after, it was still Alvarez, but this time he sent the ball over the bar.

Next, Antony and Gravenberch had a chance, but luck still turned against the home team. Especially Gravenberch’s ball in the 35th minute. He crossed the goal and hit a very tight kick, but goalkeeper Vlachodimos flew to save. Thanks to Vlachodimos’s talent, Benfica temporarily preserved the net in the first half, the half they could not shoot a goal.

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Ajax had difficulty despite pressing the opponent in the first half

But Benfica understands they cannot let such a disadvantage continue. In the second half, this team pressed more aggressively to intercept the opponent’s ball phase right from the middle of the field. The aggressiveness of the away midfielders caused many difficulties for the home team.

That’s why Ajax has much less chance of winning. What they could do was a dangerous header after 62 minutes. From Blind’s cross, Antony shot high and headed the ball wide of the goal.

After that, Gravenberch also once threatened the opponent’s goal but still did not have a shot on target for Ajax. Even because they were engrossed in their attacks, they were hit by the lance recovery.

In the 77th minute, in a corner situation, Nunez chose a very good position and turned up to hit goalkeeper Onana. The unexpected score was opened for Benfica after the first shot on target of their game.

The risk of early elimination is evident and that makes Ajax psychological. In the end, they seemed to hit the wall before Benfica’s tenacity. No opportunity came to the host and they had to accept to stop right from the 1/8 round. Meanwhile, Benfica has reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in 6 years.

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