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Causes and solutions to improve

There are occasions when the weather is very erratic, causing health problems, especially the respiratory system. When it is neither cold nor hot, but it is dry, many people have problems with throat discomfort, often dry throat, sore throat and from there it leads to cough.

The reason why such a problem occurs so often and again and again can be related to many factors, some related to the external environment, and some related to diseases inside the body.

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The reason why you often have sore throat, dry throat

1. The weather is too dry

At times when the weather is dry, it will affect the mucosa around the throat, if it is not well-moisturized, it will be dry, itchy and painful.

Especially after the temperature drops for a few days, many people will turn on the air conditioner to keep warm, the indoor air becomes drier, the throat discomfort is more severe, causing throat discomfort. and itching, cough.

2. Allergies

If you have allergies yourself and your throat has been dry and sore lately, you should consider allergies.

In particular, some people who are allergic to dust, pollen, pet dander, and other dusts will experience a range of symptoms after encountering these allergens, including dryness and itchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, etc.

3. Tonsillitis

The tonsils grow in the back of the throat, in the mucosa there is a lot of lymphoid tissue, often in contact with antigens and cause local immune reactions such as dirt, bacteria, etc. Substances present in the air when entering the nose then will first come into contact with the tonsils, during this process, the tonsils can become infected and cause inflammation around.

When the tonsils are inflamed, the throat will be sore, accompanied by symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, discomfort in the throat and may also start to cause a cough or clear throat.

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4. Virus infection

Some people develop a sore throat when they have a cold, possibly because a viral infection is also a cause of throat discomfort.

Do not use antibiotics arbitrarily, for symptomatic treatment. Sore throats can be used with lozenges to increase moisture in the nasopharynx, and most viral infections go away within a week.

How to relieve throat discomfort with natural methods

1. Eat almond pear soup

If you often suffer from dry mouth and hoarseness, a sore throat, or a constant cough, you can cook almond cauliflower to correct it.

The method is very simple, first you cut the pear into small pieces, soak and remove the almond skin, prepare rock sugar, put these ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 40 minutes. Drink once a day, unpleasant symptoms can be completely relieved.

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2. Drink arhat tea

Arhat tea is a popular drink that is very good for the throat. Especially for throat discomfort caused by insufficient lung sound, causing phlegm and heat, it has a very good effect on regulating symptoms of throat discomfort.

How to make arhat tea is also very simple, you cut arhat berries, soak them directly in boiling water, drink a few times a day or sip water instead, the symptoms of dry throat will be relieved.

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Remember, pain or discomfort in the throat often has a cause, you should not suffer silently but find the cause behind it.

Please observe the weather and external factors that cause allergies such as pollen, dust, animal hair to avoid contact when necessary, dry weather, low temperature, diseases such as colds, inflammation tonsils will also hit.

Therefore, if you have problems with your throat, pay attention to preventive measures, keep your throat well, so as not to itch and hurt. Maintaining moisture in the throat is essential through drinking warm, cool water. Eat soft, non-irritating foods.

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