Dang Luan’s sand before the tax evasion case of tens of millions of dollars was revealed

Dang Luan used to be the “darling” of the filmmakers and brands. The revelation of the tax evasion scandal pushed the actor’s career to a standstill.

According to SinaDang Luan is now the focus of Chinese showbiz. The male artist was found guilty of tax evasion and received a fine of 16.6 million USD from the authorities. Late on March 15, he quietly appeared in Shanghai city.

Before “following” Pham Bang Bang, Trinh Sang, and Vi A were turned away by the media and the public because of the tariff issue, Dang Luan was the industry’s top famous star. entertain China. He is eyeed by many film producers and advertising brands, and is always in the top of the top-paid artists.

The top earning male star in Cbiz

According to SinaBefore getting into the most serious scandal in his career, Dang Luan was the most noticed actor in the entertainment market of billions of people. He attracts the public as the face of many advertisements including food, makeup, fashion, technology, accessories…

According to Chinese media, Dang Luan is one of the “male advertising gods” favored by many brands as a model and ambassador. The actor also achieved success when actively working in the field of broadcasting.

Dang Luan's remuneration before the tax evasion case revealed tens of millions of USD-1Dang Luan's remuneration before the tax evasion case revealed tens of millions of USD-2
Dang Luan used to represent many famous brands.

According to China Dailyafter stepping into the ranks of A-list stars thanks to the success of Department of Kieu stories (2017) and The scent of honey is like smoke (2018), Dang Luan’s source of income increased rapidly, and became the name that received the highest salary in the Chinese actor group. In 2019, he earned more than 31.4 million USD.

Youth Daily Newspaper said Dang Luan is a paid TV actor salaries the highest ranking in Chinese showbiz in recent years. To invite the actor to play the main role, the producer must spend a large amount, about 8-9 million USD/film.

Liu Ning, the production director of the work The scent of honey is like smoke, sharing the two main actors, Duong Tu and Dang Luan, receive about 30-40% of the total remuneration of the project’s $47 million production budget. According to a report from QQ, the actor pocketed 400,000 yuan ($63,000) per episode. Do The scent of honey is like smoke More than 60 episodes long, Dang Luan’s total remuneration is nearly 4 million USD.

Not only “catching the eye” of many film directors, he is also the “pet” of a TV show producer. According to the news site, just by being a permanent guest of the program Escape from the secret room, Dang Luan received a salary of no less than 7 figures/season.

In addition to making money from movies, actors My great friend also a star in the field of advertising. According to the disclosure of the brokerage company Shanghai Chuangshi Culture Communication, the average domestic brands have to spend more than 20 million yuan (3.1 million USD) to invite Deng Luan as a representative. In 2019, he pocketed more than 3.4 million USD after becoming the face of the Jinzai brand.

China Daily said that before suspending activities because of tax evasion scandal, Dang Luan was known as “the king of Chinese cuisine”. The actor can earn nearly 24 million USD/year by signing contracts with domestic food and beverage brands.

According to SCMP, Dang Luan cooperates with about 23 brands in 2021. In the past 4 years, he has been appointed as male Asian brand ambassadors by a series of high-end brands such as Bvlgari, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Roger Vivier, and Bally. – Pacific. According to Sinaa 30-year-old male star receives millions of dollars for an international advertisement.

Besides, Dang Luan also encroached on business investment in the food and beverage industry, movies. According to TianyachaDeng Lun is the owner of two companies Deng Lun (Shanghai) Film and Television Culture Studio and Zhoushan Deng Lun Film and Television Culture Studio with registered capital of 160,000 USD. QQ said that the male artist earned tens of millions of yuan thanks to restaurant franchise activities and investment in film production.

According to QQsuccess in all fields makes Dang Luan considered one of the best stars in China, although he has never revealed his fortune after 10 years as an artist.

Career is over in 3 hours

“Deng Luan’s sad situation”, QQ commented on the actor’s fate after he was caught in a tax evasion scandal. Before the scandal, the actor Department of Kieu stories apologize, pledge to work hard to atone for the mistake. However, media units and the art world of billions of people still have moves to boycott Dang Luan.

CCTV confirmed the tax evasion of Dang Luan is an act of not respecting the sanctity of the law, embracing a “lucky” mentality that can evade investigation. The actor was repeatedly reminded by the tax department, given the opportunity to correct his mistakes, but did not do it. His attitude was criticized by papers like Liberation Daily, Legal Daily or Thanh Nien Daily condemn.

Dang Luan's remuneration before the tax evasion case revealed tens of millions of USD-3Dang Luan's remuneration before the tax evasion case revealed tens of millions of USD-4
The male artist was turned away after the tax evasion scandal.

Sina commented that Dang Luan will be banned from artistic activities like Trinh Sang and Pham Bang Bang when the case not only comes from distorted thinking, but also involves the law. Only 3 hours after the scandal, all social networking sites related to Dang Luan were deleted, leaving only the keyword referring to his misconduct.

The actor was also removed from a series of works that once made a name like The scent of honey is like smoke, One Thousand and One Nights, My true friend, Night Traveler. The major online movie viewing platforms in China block the search and hide all of Deng Luan’s videos. After the scandal, the brands that competed to have the actor born in 1992 as their representative withdrew in turn.

This shows the tough stance of Chinese management and public opinion in the case of Deng Luan. The act of evading tax obligations not only turns the actor into a citizen who does not comply with the law, but also becomes an artist with moral stains. Losing credibility and beautiful image, Dang Luan’s reputation hit the bottom.

According to Zing

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