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Danger warning specialist

Ms. HTB (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) said that she has COVID-19 from March 8 with symptoms of cough and sore throat. At home with small children, she had to go to a friend’s house to isolate with her friend who is also F0. With a fear of COVID, she asked you to buy 90 degrees of alcohol, antiseptic solution, and chloramin B to disinfect. Every now and then, whenever she touched her hand, she would take alcohol to disinfect, use chloramin B to spray around the room, outside the room… Not only that, but she also sprayed the whole neighbor’s house.

“Throughout many epidemics, I often use this method to protect myself and my family. But unfortunately also got infected with COVID, every time I touch something, I imagine the virus is flying around or clinging to it. that object, so I have to disinfect it immediately,” said Ms. B.

A lot of hand sanitizer makes her hands peel and dry a lot compared to the previous time. However, because of the fear of COVID, she continued to disinfect her hands for peace of mind.

Similarly, Ms. NTTA (Cau Giay, Hanoi) said that she contracted COVID from March 6 with symptoms of cough and stuffy nose. She asked you to buy all kinds of medicines from antiseptic solutions. In particular, next to her room, her family also has COVID, coughs constantly, but every time she goes out, she doesn’t wear a mask. Because in a motel room, 2 rooms 1 floor, shared toilet, every time she opens the door to her room, she is haunted by fear of viruses flying in the air. So she disinfected constantly.

“The toilet is shared, but the house next door doesn’t have a sense of preservation, it must be really necessary for me to dare to open the door, otherwise I will close the latch and spray alcohol continuously. Every time I go out, I will I disinfected thoroughly and when I entered the room, I had to disinfect it again because I was afraid that the virus would still stick to me”, TA shared.

Virus obsession fills the air, disinfects everywhere: Experts warn of danger - Photo 1.

Many people use alcohol, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer for fear of COVID. Photo: NVCC.

Dangers from the abuse of alcohol, antiseptic solutions

Talking to PV about the above issue, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (Institute of Biotechnology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology) The use of alcohol and antiseptic solution, dry hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer gel, etc. to disinfect is one of the prevention measures against COVID-19 of many people today. However, now that there is a new strain with a fast spreading speed, many people have overused these preparations. Excessive abuse will cause many harms to our health inside and out.

According to Assoc. Thinh analyzed, it is completely wrong to use 90-degree alcohol to disinfect hands, because although 90-degree alcohol has a high concentration, when put into hands, this alcohol will fly quickly and the antiseptic effect will be no longer. Instead people should use alcohol 70 degrees to disinfect hands will be more reasonable.

When using disinfectant solutions, people should note that hand sanitizer and solution for disinfecting in the air are completely different. “There are many people who are ignorant or over-abused and have taken an air sanitizer solution like chloramin B to disinfect their hands, which is very dangerous. In each solution they will produce and prepare at a different level of safety. like hand sanitizers will be prepared lighter and less dangerous than disinfectants,” said Associate Professor Thinh.

In addition, according to Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Thinh, products of unknown origin often use methanol or methyl alcohol, also known as wood alcohol instead of ethanol alcohol (the type of alcohol commonly used in the production of antiseptic solutions) to reduce prices. Fort. The use of wood alcohol will have the opposite effect, even dangerous for users.

“The overuse of hand sanitizer will reduce the moisture on the hands significantly, using too much can cause antibiotic resistance in the body. Many people may be allergic to the ingredients in it. More serious than disinfecting or disinfecting our hands a lot will make us breathe in the smell of disinfectant solutions and easily cause respiratory-related diseases.

The use of hand sanitizers and sanitizers a lot also increases the absorption of BPA, a very dangerous chemical that affects the endocrine system, leading to cancer. Dry hand sanitizer does not contain this toxic substance, but it is an intermediate to bring this toxic substance from the hands to the food and into the body,” Assoc.

Sharing the same opinion, Dr. Bui Le Minh – Biotechnology expert said that any product that is abused too much is not good. Personal hygiene is recommended, but constant spraying will lead to other harmful risks such as passive absorption of alcohols and detergents that can lead to respiratory problems and dry skin, increasing the risk of infection. risk of infection with other viruses, especially with young children in the home.

“In addition, the long-term abuse of disinfectants will change the microflora in the environment and in the body itself, leading to imbalances and diseases,” said Dr. Bui Le Minh. emphasize.

Experts recommend that people should limit the use of antiseptic solutions, if possible, wash their hands often with soap to ensure safety. At the same time, cleaning the surrounding environment with soap will help us reduce the harmful effects of disinfectant solutions.


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