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Detecting 3 interlocking planetary systems with signs of life-Information Technology

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 12:30 PM (GMT+7)

Three planetary systems forming around two double stars SVS 13 are confusing and exciting scientists with their textures and signatures of the building blocks of life.

SVS 13 lies 980 light-years away with complex gas and dust structures around it, according to new research led by astronomer Ana Karla Díaz-Rodríguez from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC, Spain) and the University of Manchester’s ALMA Regional Center (UK), are protoplanetary disks.

Detecting 3 interlocking planetary systems with signs of life - 1

Couple of stars with 3 planetary systems are forming – Graphic image from ESO

Not 1, but up to 3 protoplanetary disks with young planets gradually forming around these 2 “suns”: each star has its own planetary system, in addition to a large planetary system. than is forming around both stars.

It was previously thought that binary systems create an environment more complex in gravity, more hostile to planet formation, but perhaps SVS 13 offers contradictory evidence, according to Science Alert.

SVS 13 is located in a star-forming molecular cloud called Perseus, which is very young and has many conditions to create new worlds. Both stars are about the same mass as the Sun, locked together with orbits just 90 astronomical units (90 times the Sun-Earth distance).

The team’s 30-year data of observations also shows signs of complex organic molecules – precursors to the building blocks of life – roaming the protoplanetary disks.

That suggests an event similar to Earth’s hypothetical past: the germ of life is available in the protoplanetary disk, just waiting to land on young planets located in the right places in the habitable zones of stars. star. So studying these planetary systems can help solve many mysteries about ourselves.

The study, which has just been approved by The Astrophysical Journal, will be published in an upcoming issue.

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