Detecting sensitive videos of wife and best friends in the phone

Life is full of surprises, but discovering sensitive videos of your wife and best friend is probably a big shock to any husband.

William Brian Stillwell, 39, was arrested on New Year’s Day after the shooting at his parents-in-law’s house in Melbourne, Florida.

Police said Stillwell accused his wife, Mona, of treason while the two children repeatedly begged their father to stop firing. Seeing her husband holding a gun, the wife shouted: “Run away, honey, run.”

The twin children were lucky to escape the barrel of their father’s gun and were not injured, while the wife and parents She was hit by bullets and was taken to the emergency room.

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William Brian Stillwell with his wife and two children before their marriage failed. Photo: Facebook.

Stillwell turned himself in to the police station and faced charges of attempted murder and child abuse.

During the interrogation, Stillwell told detectives that he discovered his wife’s sex video with his best friend on her phone, so he got angry and opened fire on his wife’s family.

Officials said the wife recently moved the children back to live with her biological parents due to trouble and discord in marital life.

What should I do when I find out my wife is cheating?

Surely, being betrayed by the one you love is one of the most painful feelings. No man can be happy when he finds out that his wife has a mistress outside.

Anger, humiliation, bitterness, … Those are normal emotions that any man whose wife has an affair will also experience.

But it is necessary to be calm to solve the problem. Because if we do not think calmly, emotions will overwhelm our reason, making it easy for us to make wrong decisions.

Calmly look at the problem, consider whether the signs of your wife’s infidelity are clear or not to have an appropriate handling method. Knowing how to control emotions will also prove a man’s intelligence and ability to cope with life’s storms.

See and analyze the problem wisely. Do you need to understand why your wife cheated? What is the main reason? How has the relationship between husband and wife been?

Do you really understand and care about your wife? The wife is having difficulties or is there a psychological threat?… These analyzes will help you understand and clarify the problem, find out who is at fault, and how to overcome it to protect family happiness. .

If you still love your wife, put aside the social noises and personal pride, open your forgiving heart to accept her again.

Experiencing stumbling blocks and challenges to accept forgiveness, any wife will respect her husband more and try to nurture and nurture the family.

A tolerant and noble heart will help you relieve the pain and humiliation in your heart. Also gives you a warm family.

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Divorce is the last resort. However, before going to this last step, depending on the situation, the husband should find the best solution to peacefully solve all problems.

Here are a few things you should consider before making a divorce decision:

Listen and share with your wife the reason why she left you, listen to her thoughts and desires. Then you will make the most accurate and smart decision.

Calmly, facing the truth and looking at the problem from many angles will help you find out the reason why your wife chooses to have an affair. From there, you can confidently come up with an appropriate solution, minimizing damage to the people involved, especially the children.

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