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Do not reduce the recruitment quota suddenly, to avoid shocking candidates

Information emphasized by Deputy Minister of Education and Training Hoang Minh Son at the online conference on work Admissions Kindergarten universities and colleges in 2022 organized by the Ministry of Education and Training on the afternoon of March 16.

According to the Deputy Minister, the enrollment regulations in 2022 will remain basically the same as in recent years. However, the Ministry plans to adjust some techniques to reduce problems and inadequacies to ensure the most favorable conditions for candidates. The ministry also requested schools to publicize enrollment schemes and plans in accordance with regulations, identify and explain enrollment methods and selection combinations according to the requirements of the training industry.

Concerned about the fact that some universities are expected to introduce many new enrollment methods, suddenly reducing the admission quota for other methods from 80% to 30%, the Deputy Minister suggested that schools need to study carefully. ensure the principle of stabilizing enrollment methods between years. If you want to drastically reduce the target or quit, it is necessary to have a gradual roadmap (for example, not to reduce more than 30% of the total target of the industry compared to the previous year), avoiding shock and confusion for candidates in the learning process. , practice.

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Methods of university admission.

6 new points in admissions

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, mentioned some expected points of adjustment in university and college admissions in 2022.

first, candidates register for the high school graduation exam and apply for university entrance exams online, not only at the portal of the Ministry of Education and Training but also at the National Public Service Portal. Except for special cases, candidates can register on paper as in previous years, but the policy is to prioritize the application of information technology in enrollment.

Second, the Ministry of Education and Training is expected to open the enrollment portal only once, within a certain period of time (3 – 4 weeks) from the time after the students know their scores for the high school graduation exam. Students can adjust their wishes freely during the time the Ministry opens the admission registration portal.

“The Ministry of Education and Training often changes like that because after completing the high school graduation exam, the students know their ability to consider registering their aspirations. Thus, with the above change, they do not lose their benefits and the Ministry also do not have to worry about designing the adjustment of aspirations for candidates”, Prof. Thuy said and said that the Ministry will announce the closing time of the gate, you should note this time to close the registration of aspirations, because after closing the gate, it will not be changed anymore.

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Conference overview.

Tuesdayall the candidates’ wishes to apply for admission to the training institutions are generally filtered on the system, and the candidates who pass are the highest when they meet the conditions of the training institution.

WednesdayFor majors that use multiple admission methods and combinations of subjects at the same time, schools must explain the suitability of this choice, ensuring fairness for candidates. If each method (or each combination of exam subjects) has its own criteria, the enrollment schemes of the schools must explain appropriate grounds for the allocation of norms for each mode (or combination of exam subjects).

ThursdayThe Departments of Education and Training need to update the students’ learning results (grades 10, 11, 12) on the industry database, and at the same time check and review this data after it is synchronized to the exam management system. and recruitment.

Fridaythe Ministry is expected to ask universities to analyze risks in the enrollment process and have a plan to deal with and coordinate settlement between schools in the enrollment process.

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