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Doan Di Bang shows off her 1-year-old daughter has ‘earned’ tens of billions of dong

According to the General Statistics Office, Ministry of Planning and Investment, in the coming years, Vietnam will have a surplus of millions of men. Therefore, girls are now expected by many families. However, there are still some people who have an old concept that they must have a son in order to “continue the family line”.

These prejudices once made District 7 giant Doan Di Bang extremely angry. Specifically, Doan Di Bang once posted a long clip about how she was criticized by some men for not being able to give birth to a son but only 3 daughters. She believes that this person is not understanding the core of the problem in her family and has contempt for the daughters of Doan Di Bang and her husband Quoc Vu.

Therefore, the mother frankly said that it is too simple for her and her husband to want a son in a modern, scientifically developed society, especially a family with a lot of money. However, she and her husband both like girls. In addition, if anyone intends to criticize Doan Di Bang’s daughter, this person is wrong because Di Bang’s daughters are children who have been able to earn money since they were born.

“Especially Bing Bing, the first hour after the baby was born, I posted a picture of my baby on my Facebook, I know how much interaction it got, how the sales of my company increased. 10 times?

I told the truth. I never imagined my company could increase sales like that, since Bing Bing was born. Since then, many brands want to book Bing Bing for PR. Currently, a clip with Bing Bing appearing to review me has already earned more than 100 million.

Think about it, my one-year-old daughter has already made tens of billions of dollars. Is it cool to have a daughter like that? Do you need to be a boy, this man or that woman? I’m very proud of my 3 daughters, all three of them earn their own money.” – Doan Di Bang said.

Also in a rare sharing, husband Doan Di Bang admitted that he really likes his daughter and is ready to do everything for her. “If there is a tradition in your family that women have to sit on the lower tray, then I would like to ask permission to sit on the lower tray with my wife and children. Because he believes that only sitting with his wife and children can he eat well and be happy. Family is a place to love, not a place to separate genders. – Quoc Vu said.

The talented youngest daughter of Bing Bing, earning tens of billions of dong of Doan Di Bang, was born in 2020. Currently preparing to turn 2 years old. The young lady has a pretty angel-like face with white skin and double skin. big round eyes, and pouty mouth.

Compared to the two big sisters, Bing Bing is the most favored, the little girl is shown by her parents to wear all branded clothes, from clothes, shoes, beauty accessories… to her mother’s valuable diamond ring. Bing Bing took it and put it on his hand. Bing Bing even took other expensive brands from his mother to make toys.

The private room of the youngest Bing Bing is very cutely designed, taking the main two tones of blue – yellow. Even though she hasn’t gone to school yet, she has her own desk. She also has her own wardrobe, bookshelf, mirror….

Bing Bing was created by her mother for a fanpage to share photos and videos with more than 200,000 followers per day. Every photo and video of the little girl makes everyone praise.

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