Expected changes in registration for high school graduation exams and university entrance exams in 2022

At the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy – Director of the Higher Education Department said that this year all the candidates’ requests to apply for admission to the training institutions are filtered on the system and tested. Students are matriculated with the highest aspirations when meeting the conditions of the training institution.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy also emphasized that the enrollment in 2022 will remain as stable as in 2021, only adjusting technical contents to create maximum favorable conditions for candidates and training institutions. .

It is expected that the registration for the high school graduation exam will be done normally as every year, that is, register before the exam within a certain period of time according to the regulations of the Ministry. But when registering for the high school graduation exam, you do not need to register for university admission right away, only when the exam is completed.

Also at the conference, according to Ms. Thuy, one limitation that schools need to pay attention to in 2022 to learn from experience to ensure fairness in admissions is the fact that schools use many methods and organizations at the same time. selection for an industry, but the allocation of quotas is not reasonable, or the enrollment is not in accordance with the announced quotas for each method of admission.

This is unfair to candidates, causing bad consequences in public opinion. Some industries and combinations have unusually high admission scores, and candidates with 30 points do not even enter the chosen field of study…

On the other hand, schools apply many different enrollment methods, but there are no measures to ensure fairness among candidates; calling candidates for early admission without updating data on the common system, leading to a large number of virtual candidates; At the same time, it has not created conditions for candidates to choose the field of study according to their most competent and priority aspirations.

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Enrollment 2022 has many new points candidates need to note

Note to the candidates, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy shared that they applied for online admission for all aspirations and methods of admission in the first phase on the system through the National Public Service Portal or the Portal. Information from the Ministry of Education and Training, transfer to pay the admission fee.

Candidates upload proof of priority objects (if any) to the system. For some schools that apply for admission by their own method, candidates must pay attention to register and submit an admission application to the school if required by the school; At the same time, register your wishes on the system of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In addition, for candidates applying for direct admission or prioritizing direct admission, send their documents directly to the training institution and candidates confirm admission directly on the system.

6 contents expected to be adjusted compared to 2021

First, the registration for the exam for the high school graduation exam and the admission of colleges and universities must be done on the Ministry’s Portal or the National Public Service Portal.

Second, candidates register for the first round of admission: All applicants (according to industries, methods, and training institutions) can apply for admission online after finishing the High School Graduation Exam. Wishes are ranked from 1 to the end (1st wish is the highest).

Thirdly, all the candidates’ wishes to apply for admission to the training institutions are generally filtered on the system, and the candidates who pass are the highest aspirations when they meet the training institution’s conditions.

Fourth, for industries that use multiple admission methods and combinations of subjects at the same time, schools must explain the suitability of this choice, ensuring fairness for candidates. If each method (or each combination of exam subjects) has its own criteria, the enrollment schemes of the schools must explain appropriate grounds for the allocation of norms for each mode (or combination of exam subjects).

Fifth, update the learning results (grades 10, 11, and 12) on the industry database, and at the same time check and review this data after it is synchronized to the exam and admissions management system.

Sixth, the training institution analyzes the risks in the enrollment process and has a plan to deal with it, and coordinates the settlement between the training institutions during the enrollment process.

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