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F0 Sudden severe bleeding due to colonic fistula after surgery

Mar 16, 2022 11:08 GMT+7

Recently, doctors of Viet Duc Friendship Hospital performed emergency surgery in a timely manner, saving the life of a 46-year-old male patient with severe Covid-19 and heavy bleeding through the abdominal wall incision after colon surgery.

BSCKII Le Nhat Huy, Deputy Director of the Center for Anorectal – Perineal, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, said that the patient with DH was brought to the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital by the frontline hospital for emergency diagnosis. Diagnosis: Postoperative colonic fistula and Covid-19 infection. At 2 am on March 14, the patient suddenly had heavy bleeding through the abdominal wall incision, the patient started to feel lethargic, his pulse was 120 times/minute, and his blood pressure dropped (70/40 mmHg).

Immediately, the outpatient team coordinated with the anesthesiologists to resuscitate the patient to the negative pressure operating room. The surgery was carried out after only about 30 minutes from the time the patient showed signs of bleeding.

F0 Sudden severe bleeding due to colonic fistula after surgery
Doctors perform surgery on the patient.

“The patient had surgery to stop bleeding from the right gastric artery (due to the necrotic intra-abdominal abscess perforating the blood vessel), remove the leaky colon, clean the abdominal cavity… After surgery, the patient The patient was transferred to the Covid-19 Patient Collection and Treatment Unit at Viet Duc Friendship Hospital for continued mechanical ventilation and resuscitation. 3 days after surgery, with the dedicated care of the doctors and nurses here, the patient was able to withdraw the ventilator and transferred to the Covid-19 patient treatment room at the Colorectal Surgery Center – Birth floor. subject of follow-up and further treatment”, added Dr. Le Nhat Huy.

Currently, with the number of Covid-19 cases reaching hundreds of thousands of cases per day, the number of Covid-19 patients requiring emergency surgery has also increased. At the Emergency Department of Viet Duc Friendship Hospital, every day there are Covid-19 patients who need emergency surgery.

The hospital has been completely proactive in receiving, giving first aid, emergency surgery, post-operative resuscitation and post-operative care and treatment of Covid-19 patients, ensuring flexibility as well as gradually bringing Covid-19 back to life. endemic disease in patients in general and patients requiring surgery in particular.


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