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Failure in all competitions, Man Utd is difficult to keep Ronaldo

I did not come Man Utd to rank 5th, 6th or 7th on the leaderboard. I’m here to win and compete for titles“, Cristiano Ronaldo talked about his cherished ambition with Man Utd in early January.

Eight weeks after the announcement, Ronaldo and Man Utd no longer have the opportunity to win any more titles this season, even though this is only the middle of March.

Man Utd decline

The title is a measure of the development of every team. Looking at this aspect, Man Utd not only falls out of the top European club group, but within England, the “Red Devils” are no longer one of the strongest teams.

Video: Man Utd 0-1 Atletico Madrid

In theory, Man Utd still has a chance to win the Premier League, but the gap is 20 points with Man City in the context of the season with only 10 rounds left, not allowing teachers and coaches Ralf Rangnick to dream.

Man Utd must return to the fact that this is the 5th consecutive season this team is empty-handed. The last championship “Red Devils” won was the Europa League in the 2016/2017 season, which is also a title that big European teams often do not care about.

0-1 loss first Atlético Madrid This morning, March 17, summarized Man Utd’s performance in Champions League since Sir Alex Ferguson. It is weakness, fatigue, and total deadlock.

Atletico reached the quarter-finals of the last 6/9 seasons in the European Cup, but Diego Simeone’s team was inherently not as strong as in the 2014-2016 period. In the group stage, Atletico only won 2/6 matches. Antoine Griezmann and his teammates lost to Liverpool, AC Milan and have to wait for luck in the last turn to win tickets to the round of 1/8.

In the domestic league, the red and white half of Madrid is not too prominent when there is almost no hope of defending the LaLiga throne.

Failure in all competitions, Man Utd is difficult to keep Ronaldo - 1

Ronaldo argues with Atletico Madrid players.

But against such an opponent, Man Utd still lost completely. The “Red Devils” struggled to draw the first leg, with a first round that coach Rangnick had to admit his students did not dare to play. In the second leg, Man Utd had the ball, but did not know how to play.

Man Utd’s attack depends a lot on the ability to hunt for space and seize opportunities of each individual. After 4 months of training, Rangnick still has not been able to build for the “Red Devils” an attacking frame with a specific philosophy and color.

In the first leg, the German teacher surprised when he threw Anthony Elanga into the field to stir up Man Utd’s defense, but this piece was caught by Atletico in the second leg. Atletico defended tightly, pressing fiercely so that the “Red Devils” midfield did not have time to rest to deploy sharp attacking situations.

61% of possession just for a few unclear chances, that’s not the quality of a strong team. Man Utd has lagged far behind the threshold of a strong team in Europe.

Ronaldo is hard to stay

Man Utd’s defeat is like pouring cold water on the statement that Ronaldo is “capable of defeating any opponent at any time” that Ronaldo made a few days ago.

The day Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford, special page Manchester Evening News The Portuguese superstar will become an example for other young players to follow. “A professional player like Ronaldo will bring competitive motivation to the whole club“, the British newspaper explained.

Failure in all competitions, Man Utd is difficult to keep Ronaldo - 2

The ambition is so great that Ronaldo is lost among the Man Utd team.

Many young players are indeed curious to learn from Ronaldo, from the smallest details like the former player Real Madrid Eat several meals a day, prioritize nutrition or exercise to maintain form at the age of 37.

However, not all players are as ambitious as Ronaldo. Former striker Gabriel Agbonlahor said many strikers face psychological pressure when playing with CR7, because if they do not handle it well, they will be complained by their seniors. Man Utd at this time was very different from the time when Ronaldo left for Real Madrid with the highest price in the world.

The current squad of “Red Devils” is the result of 2, 3 failed transfer periods, with contracts bought by 3, 4 coaches with different philosophies. There is no clear idea that has been built since Sir Alex Ferguson, making Man Utd a patchwork and disjointed team despite spending billions of pounds.

The presence of Ronaldo itself was not the original idea of ​​coach Ole Solskjaer. CR7 returned to Old Trafford on the advice of Sir Alex Ferguson, instead of choosing Man City.

Failure in all competitions, Man Utd is difficult to keep Ronaldo - 3

Ronaldo is likely to leave Man Utd.

Ronaldo and his teammates could not find a common voice, not because of anyone’s fault. The 37-year-old superstar is too ambitious, but he cannot force his teammates to have an extreme winning mentality like himself.

It is a matter of building a team from the top to the bottom, but the “Red Devils” use this error to cover up the other.

Ronaldo did not return to Man Utd to fall into a state of nothing, even though the season 2 months from now will end. Over the past 10 years, CR7 is used to the competition. A player who once scowled at his teammates when Real Madrid lost to Wolfsburg in the Champions League, it will not be easy to accept having to play the last two months of the season with the hope of winning the championship at zero.

But that is the situation of Man Utd for the past 5 years and it is unknown when it will end, while the remaining time in Ronaldo’s career is about to end. The big difference in ambition could make the Ronaldo – Man Utd love affair soon end this summer.

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