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“Fashion is not just visual”-Fashion

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 15:55 PM (GMT+7)

Fashion is no longer confined to clothes, it is also expressed through accessories, jewelry, fragrances and gender.

Creative Director Kye Nguyen: "Fashion is not just visual"  - first

Kye Nguyen and Gil Le celebrate unisex fashion.

According to creative director Kye Nguyen, Gen Z is a talented generation, creating a strong trend in fashion. The resonance of the Y and Z genes brings fashion trends and colorful lifestyles. Therefore, in the development stage, the Z gens are influential and the number is increasing day by day. Creative thinking and liberal style make fashion no longer have specific boundaries, unisex trend will be more and more popular.

In addition, fashion is not simply encapsulated in the concept of clothes, it is also accessories, jewelry, perfume… When you are confident with the clothes you wear, the scent you have or the shoes you wear. .. in a fitting way, you yourself always love life. According to Kye Nguyen, fashion is not only a visual perception but also a sense of smell. Besides, fashion will also convey many aesthetic, cultural and spiritual values.

Creative Director Kye Nguyen: "Fashion is not just visual"  - 3

Genderless fashion is the trend of today’s youth.

During the event, the models were dressed in unique and personal designs. The two main colors red and black bring a rebellious, mysterious but equally youthful combination.

The inspirational and successful character for the unisex fashion style of Vietnamese showbiz is Gil Le. She chose a personality black outfit, fancy long braided hair. In order to achieve the current success in terms of image, Gil Le confided, she was supported by her close friend and collaborator Kye Nguyen. From their passion for fashion, the two have released many impressive, non-gendered images.

“After a period of companionship, the two have found a common passion, which is scent. Gil thanks everyone for giving me a new name and nickname from now on, “Perfume General Gil.” “– Gil Le shared.

Creative Director Kye Nguyen: "Fashion is not just visual"  - 4

Gil Le is the unisex fashion icon of Vietnamese showbiz.

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