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Finding solutions to promote smart grid development in Vietnam

On March 15, 2022, at the workshop to summarize the series of research activities on the adjustment of the Smart Grid Development Roadmap, experts proposed a number of measures to improve 8 indicators to ensure sustainability. of the national power system.

Accordingly, the 8 indicators mentioned include green energy, energy market, monitoring and control, data analysis, power supply reliability, customer satisfaction, network security and integration. combination of distributed energy sources.

The webinar was co-organized by the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the German Organization for Cooperation and Development (GIZ). The workshop is within the framework of the Smart Grid Project for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SGREEE) jointly implemented by the Electricity Regulatory Authority/Ministry of Industry and Trade and GIZ Organization and by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation. and German Development (BMZ).

Finding solutions to promote smart grid development in Vietnam
Vietnam approved the Smart Grid development strategy in Vietnam in 2012, aiming to upgrade the national power system. (Source: GIZ)

With a fast-growing economy, Vietnam has witnessed a sharp increase in electricity demand in recent years. Meanwhile, the share of renewable energy, especially solar energy, in total electricity production also increased significantly. However, this transformation is also a big challenge for the management of the electricity grid in Vietnam, causing many risks of supply-demand imbalance, despite constant investment in electricity generation infrastructure and power grid.

Realizing the importance of upgrading the national power system, the Government of Vietnam signed Decision No. 1670/QD-TTg on November 8, 2012, approving the Smart Grid development strategy in Vietnam. (referred to as Smart Grid Roadmap). The roadmap aims to improve the quality and reliability of the national electricity supply and promote efficient use of electricity. However, the roadmap needs to be updated as Vietnam has been witnessing the rapid development of renewable energy and many changes in policy.

Finding solutions to promote smart grid development in Vietnam
The share of renewable energy in Vietnam’s total electricity production has increased significantly.(Source: GIZ)

In the opening speech, Mr. Markus Bissel – Project Manager of Smart Grid for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SGREEE) of GIZ – said: “At today’s workshop, experts will bring together In-depth analysis, comprehensive assessment and specific proposals on amending Vietnam’s Smart Grid Roadmap. The right adjustments will contribute to improving the efficiency of the national power sector, reducing the investment burden and encouraging more renewable energy sources to be efficiently integrated into the grid.”

Finding solutions to promote smart grid development in Vietnam
Delegates and speakers attending the webinar. (Source: GIZ)

At the seminar, a group of domestic experts from BK-Contech company presented a research to comprehensively assess the development of smart grid in Vietnam and identify the challenges that Vietnam’s power system has been and is currently facing. must face to face. On that basis, international experts presented the results of assessing the progress of Vietnam’s smart grid development, based on the analysis of the progress assessment index (SGI) and comparison with the best practices. internationally in Korea, Japan, Australia, USA and UK. After the assessment, the experts proposed practical recommendations for Vietnam.

At the end of the presentations, the participants participated in an in-depth discussion session, from which comments and suggestions would be considered by experts for the completion of the study.

Finding solutions to promote smart grid development in Vietnam
Experts gave a summary assessment of the set of indicators to assess the level of smart grid development at the workshop. (Source: GIZ)

During the discussion session, Mr. Duong Manh Cuong – Senior Officer of the SGREEE project – emphasized the need to expand the application of the distribution grid management system (DMS) and the advanced distribution management system. (ADMS) to combine the application of schedule conversion, safety management and load shedding, as well as promote coordination between transmission grid operators (TSOs) and grid operators. distributed power (DSO) for grid congestion management, voltage support, balancing and ancillary services.

In addition, Mr. Cuong also said that the implementation of the smart metering system with useful functions should be accelerated to create a solid foundation for the implementation of other programs, such as power load adjustment. , monitoring, scheduling, and operations based on data analytics.

GIZ organization has implemented the SGREEE project since 2017. Within the framework of the project, “Knowledge Sharing Center” ( was created. This is Vietnam’s pioneer open platform to share ideas and solutions, developments and official documents and experiences related to smart grid technology application in Vietnam.

Besides, the ‘Vietnam Smart Grid Community’ was also created on Facebook with more than 850 members, for domestic and international experts to discuss and share their expertise on smart grid solutions, applications and trends nationally and worldwide.

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