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His mother forced her to break up because of age discrimination, but she accepted my friend as her daughter-in-law

Living in the world with exactly 27 pots of banh chung, I’ve seen so many contradictory stories, but I didn’t expect one day I would fall into such misery. Attending my ex-boyfriend’s wedding and witnessing a shocking incident, I suddenly doubted my life so much, I don’t understand why I was so despised?

Originally, I had a good situation, a good job, a high salary, a master’s degree, and my parents’ family came from a well-to-do background. I have two more twin brothers, they are also doing very well in school and one is going to study abroad. My appearance is not to the level of a beauty queen but also good looking, 7 meters tall.

That’s how I got a boyfriend who was the complete opposite of me. His house is normal, his parents have a restaurant selling food, sometimes it is a bit difficult because the rent is expensive. His name is Lam, 3 years older than me, working as a lowly employee at a computer company. When we first fell in love 2 years ago, when I took him to meet his friends, everyone texted him saying that he was short, black, and ugly, not worthy of me. But when you fall in love, you know how, everyone finds their boyfriend the most beautiful!

After being in love for a while, I helped Lam change jobs, moved closer to my company for convenience. The salary is also a bit higher, there are more opportunities for promotion, so his parents are very happy. However, no one in his family thanked me, only invited me to eat a simple meal. His mother did not seem to like me very much, his attitude was quite distant, so many times when Lam told me to talk about the wedding, I was very confused.

The boyfriend's mother forced her to break up with the reason that she was not suitable for her age, and when she attended the wedding of her brother, she was speechless when she saw that the bride was a close friend of hers - Photo 1.


It wasn’t until last year when both of our jobs were stable, our love was ripe, and my boyfriend looked brighter than before, that I reminded him of marriage. Lam was very happy, eager to talk to his parents first, but unexpectedly, my aunt threw a bucket of ice water on my head.

– When I went to see fortune-telling in a few places, people told me that my son and I were afraid of getting married, because I was taller than Lam, so it was easy to make people think that I overwhelm my husband. Well, you two break up, I don’t agree to get married!

To my surprise, Lam stood up and argued with his family. His father has no opinion, but his mother and sister absolutely do not want me to be a bride. After a month of trying without hope, I accepted to break up with Lam even though I regretted my youth years.

Last week, Lam suddenly texted an appointment, he sent me a wedding invitation through the company. I didn’t bother to open it, asked for the date, time and location of the event and left. I wasn’t going to congratulate him, but I thought I was an adult so there was no point in acting like a child. Confided to my mother, she also told me to go to the party as usual, send money, I can go home. Actually, my heartache has not healed, just broke up 7 months but Lam already has a new person and then gets married, I’m curious as to how his mother accepts the girl as a bride?

This morning, I informed my boss that I would like to take half a day off work to attend my ex-boyfriend’s wedding, she immediately agreed and even made fun of me. I asked her to dress up, she chose for me a very beautiful red dress, very flattering. After finishing simple face painting, I called a taxi to the wedding restaurant. In my mind, I thought of revenge scenes in the movie and then sat and laughed to myself. Growing up, who would do weird things!

When I got there, the bride and groom were standing to receive guests, I fixed it up a bit and confidently walked in. Everyone looked at me in awe, I guess I dressed up a bit outstanding today. But behold, as soon as I raised my head to meet the bride’s face, my whole body froze, why is this person’s face so familiar? It’s Thao, my best friend in high school, isn’t it!

– Is this your wife, Lam?

– That right. Introduce me, this is Thao, your fiancé.

– Yes, I know him.

– Oh, you and my wife know each other?

6 eyes looked at each other without blinking, Thao was also stunned when she recognized me. It looked awkward, clearly knowing that I was Lam’s ex-lover. No wonder she bragged about having a boyfriend from 4 months ago but never seen her debut, even hid her wedding and didn’t dare to invite me. Only I don’t know anything, Lam doesn’t know that his ex-girlfriend and fiancée were once close friends…

It turns out that the “not suitable for age” that Lam’s mother said means that my family is not as rich as Thao’s, everyone! Sitting at the party table, I heard his relatives talking to each other, saying he was beautiful and had a lot of money, his parents made a big deal of it. Ridiculous indeed! instead

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