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How is the pair of chopsticks deviating from supermodel and Hong Kong billionaire more than 24 years old now?

In 2012, Deborah Valdez – a supermodel from Mexico, caused a stir in Asian media when she married Hong Kong billionaire Stephen Hung. The beauty was born in 1983, 24 years younger than her husband. Stephen Hung has long been a famous playboy in Hong Kong. He was born into a wealthy financier family. But besides inheriting a huge fortune, Stephen Hung has used his business talents to increase his fortune. He is currently the chairman of many financial companies, real estate investment, owns many hotels and casinos in Macau.

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The pair of chopsticks with a 24 year age difference used to make the media spend a lot of paper and ink 10 years ago

The fact that a foreign beauty marries a middle-aged billionaire, of course, has been beaten by many people as a typical long-legged love affair – a typical giant. With a sleek style of dress, hair that is always parted and dyed with color, and a height that is not too ideal, Stephen Hung was called “Hong Kong’s ugliest billionaire” by the media. After marrying Deborah, the beauty difference between the couple made him even more attached to this unwanted nickname.

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Deborah possesses a sharp, luxurious beauty that is perfect in both face and body

The couple met and got to know her once she went to Hong Kong to travel. Many people believe that because of greed for money, Deborah was quickly ready to give up her modeling career, her hometown, and her family to go to Hong Kong as a wife. Not only before the wedding, but after returning to the same house, the billionaire couple is still often involved in many rumors of “unhealthy rice, not sweet soup”, especially in the part where Mr. production fell sharply.

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Despite malicious rumors, the couple is still warm together

But despite the mouth of life, after 10 years of marriage, the couple Stephen and Deborah are still extremely happy. They have two sons, Sean and Ivan. Despite entering the age of U40, Deborah Valdez still retains an extremely fiery and admirable beauty. And what makes people jealous most of all is her extremely luxurious and luxurious lifestyle.

Being asked to marry
Being asked to marry

The life of the former Mexican supermodel is now just full of silk

The mother of 2 children is looking more and more salty and luxurious

The supermodel is now still a familiar front-row VIP guest in every of the most popular fashion shows on the planet. Deborah Hung is also not a rich lady who only knows how to play and enjoy. She opened herself a modeling agency and training agency called Dreamodels, operating in both Asian and European markets.

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Deborah poses with David Beckham (left) and Prince of Monaco

Deborah Hung always does not hesitate to share her glamorous life like a fairy on social networking sites. But she absolutely never shared pictures of her two sons.

Being asked to marry

Deborah Hung is now a famous female billionaire and fashionista in Hong Kong

Stephen and Deborah are still extremely happy and often show off their sex at events. The “most ugly billionaire in Hong Kong” is always the one who escorts his wife to fashion shows and always supports her as much as possible in her work. This famous couple is rumored to be participating in Netflix’s hit reality show – Bling Empire to share about their dream rich life.

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