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Husband came home from work to find his wife’s nude body, next to her were two crying children

On March 15, Indian media reported, a brutal rape and murder occurred, causing extreme public outrage. The victim was a 25-year-old woman who had just given birth to two small children.

According to local media, the incident happened on the night of March 13, in a village in Amroha, when the victim’s husband came home late from work. After finishing work, the husband returned home to find a haunting scene in the bedroom.

At the scene of the incident, the wife’s body was in a state of no cloth to cover her body, her face was completely disfigured because the villain used bricks to attack the victim. Two children lying next to their mother’s body were crying bitterly, making everyone sad and angry because of the cruel actions of the perpetrator.

The husband then quickly reported the incident to the police. The victim’s body was taken to a nearby hospital for an autopsy. Preliminary results show that the wife was raped before being murdered by the killer.

Shaken: The husband came home from work to find his wife's nude body, next to her two children crying and the cruel truth behind - Photo 1.


According to local media, the suspect’s identity has not been released, but it is an acquaintance of the victim. Knowing that the husband often came home late for work, this man took advantage of the late night without anyone noticing, climbed into the victim’s bedroom and then committed depraved acts. Afraid of being discovered, he brutally murdered the victim.

Local media said that at the scene of the incident, the victim’s clothes were torn to shreds, indicating that before being harmed, the mother struggled fiercely with the perpetrator. The husband is currently very sad when he has just lost his wife and has to take care of two young children who are thirsty for breast milk.

A police representative said:We have initially identified the suspect and are looking for him. The case is still under investigation“.

The incident is making the Indian public extremely indignant by the suspect’s dehumanizing behavior. They also hope that the law will severely punish this evil person to reclaim justice for the victim. Local people are also donating and supporting the victim’s family, especially essential items for two poor babies who lost their loving mother.

Also on March 15, the Indian public was shocked by the news that the wound-heavy body of a 22-year-old woman was found dumped on the side of the road. She was the victim of a rape by a relative. However, the accused was released on bail and is believed to have caused the death of the victim. This person is also being sought to bring back for questioning.

Although the law has added many strict punishments for green-bearded lovers, sexual abuse and assault cases in India are still happening with an increasingly complex trend.

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