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I love my brother and his wife who work hard to take care of their mother every day

For the past 4 years, my mother has been seriously ill, lying in one place, having to be served. Love the hard-working brother and his wife take care of mom Every day, I discuss with my wife to pick up my mother to live with me.

However, my wife objected immediately, she said that my mother’s house is where she lives, why should she go? Besides, the younger brother and his wife own the house of their parents, and have the obligation to take care of her for the rest of their lives. My wife said that I had to give up.

So whenever I have free time, I go to take care of my mother, help my brother and his wife with one hand. As for my wife, every time she visits her mother-in-law, it’s like “riding a horse to see flowers”. She doesn’t touch anything. Even my mother complained of pain and asked for a massage to help, but she did not do it.

My mother passed away last week, and the whole family is deeply saddened by her sudden passing. During the funeral, my wife cried very loudly and a lot, everyone who heard it had to cry. Everyone in the family looks at me and says that my wife is really a filial son and blames my sister-in-law for inadvertently, her mother-in-law died without shedding a single tear.

After my mother’s funeral, my wife also cleaned her mother-in-law’s room. Carefully fold each piece of clothing and organize any discarded items. Looking at my wife’s work, I am very happy and proud of her.

Last night, when the whole family was sitting watch TV, the wife suddenly held out a bag, saying it was the gold of her mother-in-law, which she had picked up on the day of moving. I frowned and asked. “Did you rush to clean mom’s room just to find this?”.

The wife said that when her mother-in-law was still alive, she often showed off a bag of gold, she has been ill for several years and can’t remember anything. I thought that my sister-in-law stole everything, but unexpectedly found it in my mother’s pillow.

Looking at my wife happily carrying a bag of gold to count, while I was bitter, I didn’t expect her to finally reveal her nature as a greedy and selfish person.

I asked my wife to give the gold to my brother and his wife to handle, because these two brothers have worked hard to take care of their mother for several years. But my wife forbade me to reveal this. I really don’t know how to make my wife willing to give that gold back to my brother?

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