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Idol “top” Gam Kami produces dirty content that makes netizens booed

Pretty girls on the “top” are not lacking, but to have up to 10 million followers is not much, if not less. Brocade Kami (SN 2000) is one of these few characters. She owns a channel with 9.3 million followers with content mainly about situations when playing billiards.

Recently, however, brocade Kami was suddenly fiercely criticized by netizens for the video with sensitive content right on the pool table. In the clip that appeared on social media, the girl demanded to swing a foreign trend, so she lay on her back on the pool table, voluntarily letting a young man use his round 1 as a reference point when poking the ball.

Top Idol 9.3 million followers - Gam Kami swings an offensive trend: Lying on a pool table, using round 1 as a point to hit the ball - Photo 1.

After seeing a foreign trend, Gam Kami asked to follow it

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She voluntarily let a guy use her chest as a reference when poking the ball

Currently the clip is no longer on the main channel of 9.3 million followers of Gam Kami, but it is still widely shared by netizens. Most of the comments disagree with her for making sensitive content:

-Doesn’t it feel shameful to do that because of some views and hearts?

– When I was criticized, I cried on the livestream.

– Junk content is unbearable.

– I am very simple. What is not useful, just block.

– Not every trend can be followed, my friend. What If you’re good, you’ll be able to absorb it, but if these are also absorbed, you know what the level of awareness is!

– Crazy and ridiculous!

Before that, Gam Kami was also involved in many noises and was “stoned” by netizens as he appeared in the video The young man made 2 female streamers pregnantcareless attitude when there is information about the 12-minute clip,…

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Currently, with the aim of becoming famous as quickly as possible, many TikTokers have defied the construction of sensitive and inappropriate content. However, this popularity was not sustainable, they were mercilessly criticized by the people and soon fell into oblivion.

Photo: Synthesis

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