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Illumina tests multiple genes to detect rare, treatable cancers

An office complex of Illumina in San Diego, California, USA. (Photo; Reuters)

The test was performed to check for a range of tumor suppressor genes (antigen genes). cancer) in a tissue sample for diagnostic biopsy, potentially helping patients with rare cancer selected treatment method.

The test Illumina conducted, which looks for more mutations than any existing kit, comes as the pharmaceutical industry struggles to develop precision cancer drugs for today’s patient populations. The smaller is determined by genetic profiling. This has created an unusually large demand for more sophisticated diagnostic tools.

Illumina’s comprehensive TruSight Oncology test kit looks for 517 cancer-related genes in nearly 30 solid tumor types, including mutations in TRK, an inherited factor in less than 1% of cancers, and Because of its rarity, it is often not tested despite the availability of the approved cancer drugs Vitrakvi from Bayer and Rozlytrek from Roche.

Illumina tests multiple genes to detect rare and treatable cancers - Photo 1.

Illumina said: “Consolidating all the important biological features into one comprehensive test improves the odds of identifying treatment options that would otherwise require sequential genetic testing from multiple biopsy procedures.”.

Illumina said it is preparing to apply for US regulatory approval for the cancer test kit later this year.

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