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Invest and benefit from ‘snowball’ in Picenza Riverside Son La

With a golden location, luxurious architecture, fast completion rate and a high-class internal utility system, Picenza Riverside Son La Urban Area promises to increase property value for investors after each sale.

Business philosophy “snowball effect” in real estate

A small snowball the size of a tennis ball, the faster it rolls on the road, the more it carries snow along the way and after rolling over a distance of 2000m, it can become a giant snowball up to 10m in diameter with strong power. terrible. The word “snowball effect” is used to refer to small actions that bring about big results later on. This is also the investment philosophy of billionaire Warren Buffett when he always chooses to invest in companies and projects that are operating well and are priced modestly but have potential for sustainable growth and profitability in the future.

As for the real estate sector, when the land fund in the first-class urban areas such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is no longer abundant, making it difficult for infrastructure and housing development, this is the time to invest in real estate. Real estate in the periphery, economic development zones and new infrastructure in the provinces have become profitable investments in line with the “snowball effect” business philosophy. The urbanization rate in Vietnam 2020 – 2030 is up to 40% and is constantly being expanded to urban cities of grade II, followed by the demand for housing, real estate investment and business in urban areas. This new will also increase sharply.

Invest and benefit from 'snowball' in Picenza Riverside Son La
Perspective of Picenza Riverside urban area with synchronous and large-scale planning in Ho Chi Minh City. Son La

In particular, in the absence of synchronous urban planning, visionary investors hunt for investment opportunities in well-invested new urban projects with internal and external utility systems. convenient area, serving living conditions such as parks, supermarkets, schools, amusement parks, sports, food and cultural areas, etc., helping to increase the value of real estate in each opening phase. sold by investors. This smart investment from the very beginning is very modest, many times lower than similar scale and infrastructure projects in urban areas of grade I, promising to become a “giant snowball”, can add value according to the progress of completing the roll and putting into use the project’s utility system, and especially each time adjusting and increasing the price according to the progress of completion and each time of sale and release of the owner. private.

Profitable investment opportunity in Picenza Riverside Son La

Picenza Riverside, when just announced the planning, has been noticed by visionary investors because there are few projects in Ho Chi Minh City. Son La has a prime location in the core planning of the city with the frontage bordering two arterial roads for trade and entertainment activities, Lo Van Gia and Le Hien Mai, not to mention the opening of more routes. The 16.5m wide central road connecting Le Hien Mai and Chu Van Thinh streets promises to become the most “expensive” road in Son La in the future.

Invest and benefit from 'snowball' in Picenza Riverside Son La
Picenza Riverside Son La urban area completes the main road and landscape

The motivation for investors to put down money at the project is also because the project has a high potential for price appreciation. Investor Picenza Group with more than 30 years of experience and strong financial potential has deployed the construction progress quickly. According to the investor, basically, the urban area has completed some important public utility infrastructure such as Apollo, Artemis, Athena theme parks and adjacent shophouses and villas…

Invest and benefit from 'snowball' in Picenza Riverside Son La
A part of Picenza Riverside Son La urban area has been completed, welcoming the first residents to enjoy the ideal living environment.

The modest initial investment and many preferential policies to stimulate competition from the Picenza Group are also factors that promote the early decision to choose the Picenza Riverside urban area project in order to “catch the wave” of real estate growth of the investors. nimble investors.

An investor analyzed: “The initial investment is only 2 billion VND for the plot of land, 5 billion VND for the shophouse and only 7 billion VND for the adjacent villa, not to mention the programs to give away VND 50 million to celebrate the new year. early investment, preferential loan up to 70% of the value and grace of the principal for up to 24 months… this investment can be profitable quickly through each project launch and sale between individual investors”.

With many investors looking for opportunities in the land of Son La, which is transforming with rapid economic growth and strong infrastructure in the Northwest, Picenza Riverside Son La is highly appreciated for the opportunity. profitable investment to catch the development trend.

Investor: Picenza Vietnam Corporation

Hotline: 0399630000 VND

Project Communication Marketing Unit: Glexhomes

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