Investing in real estate in the suburbs, this place becomes a “low-lying area” that is expected to increase sharply

Every time there is a project, a planning information is given out, just a short time later, housing prices are pushed up dizzy. This phenomenon has long been familiar to the Vietnamese real estate market. Not out of the norm, information about the construction of Ring 4 has made land prices in districts where Ring Road 4 passes, heating up day by day. Many investors flock here to “hunt” land to welcome the “wave” of planning.

Mr. Vu Quoc Lam – real estate broker for a trading floor in Hanoi said: “Thuong Tin, Soc Son, Quoc Oai, Hoai Duc are four “low-lying areas” in terms of current prices of the districts around Hanoi. .

Sharing more details about the potential of these “low-lying areas”, Mr. Lam said: “In Thuong Tin, the low point in price at the falling point of Ring 4 has a price of 16-30 million VND/m2, while the low-lying area in Ring 4 has a price of 16-30 million VND/m2, while the low-lying area in the area is priced at 16-30 million VND/m2, while the low-lying area in the area has a price of 16-30 million VND/m2. The most expensive is 250-30 million VND/m2.

Therefore, the potential of this area is still very much. I rate this district with the most potential because of its liquidity. In addition, the way out to the Ring 4 drop-off point is very difficult, so when this problem is solved, the price in the area will no longer be low. Investors who find a plot of land for 30 million VND/m2 will easily break through to 60 million VND/m2 because the potential of the district is clear.

According to Mr. Lam, the second potential low-lying area is Hoai Duc. The down price of Ring 4 ranges from 60-80 million VND/m2 while the most expensive point of this district is 150-160 million VND/m2. In particular, investors should pay attention to the Van Con area with the price of 40-45 million VND/m2 – still quite cheap.

With the Soc Son lowland area, short-term investors can buy it for 14-17 million VND/m2. As for long-term investors, they can buy in more remote areas for 6-10 million VND/m2 in Minh Tri – Minh Phu area. Investors are assured that after 2-3 years, the price will double or triple.

In addition, Quoc Oai district also has a lot of potential. Investors can learn to invest in this area.

“This year, remote districts, especially those with Ring 4 passing through, will receive a lot of attention. The profit potential of these districts is also quite clear. However, investors must determine the investment capital. In the medium and long term, “surfing” is very difficult at this time,” Lam emphasized.

According to experts, the trend of shifting investment to the periphery of large urban areas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is driven by infrastructure development. Ring Road 3, No. 3.5 and urban railway No. 3 were the driving force behind the western region’s boom. The plan to operate metro lines and build Ring Road 2.5 in the south and No. 4 in the northeast of Hanoi will contribute to the improvement of the transport network. The convenience in moving between the suburban areas and the inner city will be a factor attracting investors and buyers to live in projects far from the center.

Besides, one of the reasons leading to the trend of investment shifting comes from the fact that the price of real estate in the inner city has been set at a high level. Therefore, the expectation of profitability from this location is lower and investors often look for opportunities in districts outside the center.

  Investing in real estate in the suburbs, this place becomes a low-lying area is expected to increase sharply - Photo 1.

Ms. Le Thi Phuong Lan – Head of Investment Consulting Department of Savills Hanoi.

Ms. Le Thi Phuong Lan – Head of Investment Advisory Department of Savills Hanoi advises investors to pay attention to the long-term vision in their plans. Each individual has different goals but the key is still the basic criteria including development potential, planning and infrastructure system.

According to expert Savills, the western areas of Hanoi, Dong Anh or Long Bien are areas that are attracting the attention of investors. However, each project will have a different character. Besides the price issue, investors will need to consider the quality of the project, including the facilities, certifications and construction standards, suitable for both residential and rental purposes.

Commenting on the real estate market in 2022, Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Cuong, Member of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly, Vice Rector of the National Economics University, shared: The market has many opportunities, but not everyone can grasp the opportunity, it just depends on the market. belong to professional businesses, professional investors.

“We see the law of the real estate market that when it goes down, it goes up, the past periods have proved that every 4-5 years is a growth cycle of the real estate market. Therefore, looking at the development We need to look at the long-term outlook of the real estate market in the next 3-5 years to be relatively stable and develop,” said Mr. Cuong. chn

According to Phong Linh

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