It’s pretty good to use but still “encumbered” with a few problems

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Besides having a large sensor integrated with high-quality lenses, professional cameras also have an ergonomic advantage over smartphones. The machine is made large, from which the grip can also be thickened for a feeling of “full hand”, holding the machine firmly as well as being comfortable for a long time.

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Cameras often have thick grips that help hold the camera more firmly

Wanting to bring this advantage to smartphones, Ulanzi made it CapGrip – a camera grip with integrated shutter button. Let’s buy and use it together to see if we can help the smartphone take professional photos like a camera!

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The idea of ​​this product is also simple, it has a thick leather grip on one side and 2 clamps on the other side to hold the smartphone by friction.

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The top edge is all the electronic components of the accessory: the shutter button and the power button, the status indicator light and the internal power button battery.

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To use the shutter button, hold it down to enter pairing mode, then select “Ulanzi” in the device’s list of Bluetooth accessories.

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As advertised, when inserted into CapGrip, it will make the handheld part to take photos with a smartphone about 2cm thick.

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It still can’t be as thick as cameras, especially older generation DSLRs – which often have very thick grips to accommodate large batteries.

However, using it like this is also much more comfortable than holding the edge of the device directly with your fingers. In addition, holding the device more firmly also minimizes shake, which will be useful for low- and mid-range devices that do not have the OIS stabilization of flagship smartphones.

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The accessory is designed to be used with the right hand, so left-handed people should not buy or will have to relearn the habit of holding the camera. But the truth is that the cameras are also designed to hold the grip on the right!

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There is a “side effect” of the accessory that when installed, we can put the machine vertically on the table. The machine tends to “tilt” back a bit and just lightly touch it to be able to “face down” on the table, so we should only leave it temporarily between shooting times, not replacing the stand.

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The bottom edge of the product of the screw thread…

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… used to attach to tripod legs. On the market today, there are many types of smartphone mounts with very cheap prices, so if you only need this feature, you should choose those types to save money.

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Besides not working with left-handed people, I realized another drawback in the process of using CapGrip for both… right-handed people. If you install the device too close to the border and use gesture navigation, it is easy to touch the wrong hand and turn off the camera application.

Ulanzi Capgrip - Photo 14.
Ulanzi Capgrip - Photo 15.

So for the most comfortable use, you need to push the machine back up a bit. CapGrip’s clamps hold the device very firmly, so no matter where you put it, it still feels secure, not afraid of the device falling.

Only for those who take smartphone photos often

General, Ulanzi CapGrip is a pretty “cool” product but has potential downsides that you need to know before buying. And I also think that this product will be suitable for those of you who take photos and videos a lot on smartphones, but for those who occasionally raise the camera to “flash” a few photos, record a short video, it’s a bit expensive.

This dish costs nearly 200k, which is not cheap, so you need to think about buying it and throwing it away!

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