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Let the palace maidens live together with the concubines

Princess What kind of person will be married to?

According to “Gongyang transmission” records, in the Zhou Dynasty, Emperor not allowed to marry their own daughter to members of the same clan, so they can only marry vassals. At that time, vassals were divided into 5 titles: Duke, Marquis, Ba, Tu, and Male.

The princess has a noble title and has royal blood, so the marriage is highly valued by the court. Most people who marry the princess must have great power, if not inter-marriage between countries, but also with high-status vassals.

The princess's strange test before marriage: Let the palace maid live with her husband - Photo 1.

The princess has a noble status, so it is necessary to marry someone of high status. (Photo: Baidu)

The princess’s marriage has two ways of calling it: One is “upper princess”, the other is “general frequency”. The first way to call it is to refer to pro-code was married to the princess’s mansion, the latter is called the princess’s marriage to the concubine’s palace.

pass concubines come to “cohabit” with the family

According to the book “The Banquet at Princess An Lac’s New House”, the princess is the emperor’s child, they always live in brocade and receive the best education. Of course, the emperors would not want their daughters to suffer when they got married, so at that time, the court issued a “trial marriage” regime.

Kissing test means that before getting married, they will try to live together. However, this is not the same as we are today, the person cohabiting with her concubine is not a princess but concubines her confidant. The chosen palace maiden will go to the royal palace to live together.

The princess's strange test before marriage: Let the palace maid live with her husband - Photo 2.

To ensure the happiness of the princess, the court issued a rule “cohabiting” before marrying away. (Photo: Baidu)

Accordingly, this palace maid will be considered as the representative of the princess to come to the concubine’s residence and live with the concubine as an official husband and wife. If everything is right, the princess can officially get married.

There are many palace maids who follow the princess beside the princess, but not everyone is qualified to “cohabit” with the concubine. First of all, people in the palace will scrutinize very carefully to choose the right palace lady. The chosen palace maiden must be very healthy, the body must not have disease, must be a virgin. The appearance of the palace maiden does not need to be taken too seriously, they often choose those who have a lower appearance than the princess to avoid affecting their later married life.

The special requirement for this palace maid is to be meticulous. Because when passing through the palace, this palace maid was responsible for observing the state of health, behavior, family situation in the palace, house rules of the palace, etc. After that, each observed event was must report in full.

Determined before the tragedy of life

However, the palace maid chosen to “cohabit” with her master’s concubine is often inevitable that her later life will encounter countless tragedies. To explain this argument, we need to consider two cases as follows:

First case, if the princess feels that she and her husband are not compatible, then the palace maid will be considered as a “sacrifice” instead of the master to endure suffering. Moreover, in the process of cohabiting with the concubine, it is difficult for the palace maids to avoid pregnancy. When they have children, they will become concubines in the palace; however, their lives do not change, even these palace maidens will have no power at all, subject to everyone’s contempt.

The princess's strange test before marriage: Let the palace maid live with her husband - Photo 4.

Whether the princess married off or not, the maidservant suffered the most. (Photo: Baidu)

Second case is when the princess accepted to marry through the royal palace. At this time, the palace maids who used to live with the concubine will also stay to serve their master. But in daily life between them, it will be difficult to avoid encountering, from which many awkward situations will arise. Even if the palace maid received the favor of her concubine, it would be difficult to live in the future because she offended the princess.

In addition, the palace maidens can choose another way that is “out of the palace”. But compared to living in hardship outside, many palace maids decided to stay in the palace to live a forced life, bowing their heads.

Thus, it can be seen that being chosen as a substitute is something that many palace ladies do not want. Although during their time in the palace, they could live under the title of a princess living to be served by servants, but that happiness did not last long. And whether the princess accepts to marry her husband or not, they are always sacrifices, and are destined for an unhappy later life.

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