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Man rides horse to work every day for unexpected reasons

Mar 16, 2022 11:17 GMT+7

The man goes to work on a horse because of high fuel prices but netizens think the ‘maintenance costs’ will be higher.

A man in Maharashtra suddenly became famous on Indian social media after a viral video revealed that he went to work every day riding a horse.

Man rides horse to work every day for unexpected reasons
Man rides horse to work every day for unexpected reasons

Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad made such a strange decision due to the high fuel prices in India. According to Shaikh, if you go to work by horse, you will save a good amount of money and protect the environment.

This man found himself a good horse and named it Jigar. Instead of using a gasoline-powered motorbike to go to work, Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad rode a horse to get to work.

Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad said: “I went to buy horses during social distancing. Gas prices went up, public transport didn’t work, my bike broke down too. So I chose to do so. riding to work”.

It is known that Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad bought the horse for 524 USD, equivalent to nearly 12 million VND.

Currently, this man is working in a laboratory at a university. Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad says that daily riding keeps him fit and healthy.

“I work as a laboratory assistant at a university. I ride a horse to work and feel very comfortable. This helps me to have a healthy, fit body. In the face of rising fuel prices, horses is a suitable mode of transport,” said Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad.

After images of men riding horses went viral on social media, many people shared their opinions on this idea. While some were impressed with the idea of ​​Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad, some disagreed because the maintenance costs of using a horse as a means of transport are higher than when using a motorbike.

“The average maintenance cost for the horse is about 157 USD per month including medicine, food, care. The cost is not cheap, higher than I ride a motorbike”, “If gas prices increase, you can go. bicycles, the amount of money for raising horses and taking care of horses is higher than the money to buy gasoline”, … netizen commented.

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