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Medvedev may have to quit Wimbledon, Kyrgios “retaliates” against a painful opponent

(Sports news, tennis news) After losing at Indian Wells, it is unlikely that Kyrgios will be able to attend Wimbledon, Kyrgios has reclaimed his debt to lose to the Norwegian player.


Kyrgios “retaliation against rival Casper Ruud

At round 3 Indian Wells Nick Kyrgios clashed with Casper Ruud (Norway), the tennis player who is the opponent of “Bad Boy” at the 2019 Rome Open, where Kyrgios was disqualified for smashing rackets, breaking chairs, throwing water bottles…

Medvedev may have to quit Wimbledon, Kyrgios "retaliation"  painful opponent - 1

Kyrgios was sent off against Ruud in Rome 2019

Usually Kyrgios is the one to provoke opponents, but this time Ruud was no amateur, Indian Wells’ 8th seed called Kyrgios’ actions at the 2019 Rome Open “stupid” and he was gloating because he got the ticket. go next easy way.

In the confrontation in the last 3 round, Kyrgios had a sweet “debt collection”. Although Ruud was the 8th seed, Kyrgios played as if he were the higher ranked player, and just 2 sets with the same score of 6-4, the Australian player won tickets to the 4th round.

On the field as the camera panned, Kyrgios yelled at Ruud, who had called him a “idiot” earlier, saying: “I didn’t hear any talk, nothing, absolutely nothing at all. “.

Winning tickets to the fourth round, Kyrgios faced Jannik Sinner, the Italian number 10 seed.

Medvedev continuously received bad news

Medvedev was eliminated in the third round of Indian Wells, so he will certainly lose the world No. 1 position next week, and he has received more bad news when he may not be able to attend Wimbledon, the Grand Slam tournament in the UK on June 27.

Medvedev may have to quit Wimbledon, Kyrgios "retaliation"  painful opponent - 3

Medvedev continues to receive bad news, the chance for Nadal to be number 1 is great

British media revealed that this country’s Sports Minister, Nigel Huddleston is considering a mechanism to ban Russian athletes from competing in the UK. Speaking on March 15, Huddleston said: “I don’t think people will accept the fact that Russian athletes compete here, especially when they agree with Putin. We are looking at the mechanism to do that. This is with individuals, not just with Russian teams.”

If not attending Wimbledon, Medvedev’s ranking will be significantly affected, and Rafael Nadal’s chance to step up to the No. 1 position will become even more obvious when Djokovic also finds it difficult to attend many tournaments.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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