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Minh Hang told all about the proposal party on the yacht

When you say “YES” then June is no longer yours – ours.


Yes……June is Hang’s birthday month. And by this June, Hang’s journey with him has been 6 years and 6 months.

First of all, Hang would like to thank for the blessings from colleagues, close friends and even those who have never met, who also left lovely messages for Hang.

You know, that’s also the reason why Hang wrote these lines as an official announcement to her beloved audience – who have always loved and contributed to creating a Minh Hang of today. now on.

Previously, Minh Hang always thought of herself as an artist, her job is to work hard to dedicate and bring artistic values ​​to her products, and when it comes to private love, Hang would like to keep it for herself. Then why does Hang want to share now, this will be the question that Hang thinks today needs to be said once with all her heart.

Nearly 35 years old, more than half of those years are career years, Hang has never broken that rule, but when looking back on that wonderful journey, Hang has realized – Hang has had a corner of her youth. in everyone’s heart, so Hang’s nod – “I AGREE” should be shared as a tribute to Hang’s loving audience. Hang’s sharing this message will spread her respect and love to everyone and send her fans lots of beautiful love!

Hang also hopes that with this official break, Hang will be able to proactively send everyone the most accurate and complete information about how Minh Hang’s story was “closed”.

I have experienced for the first time the levels of happiness that I think I will never be able to forget. Hang has found someone who loves and respects her both in her career and in her outlook on life.

The moment he got down on his knees and “raped”…yeah right…I didn’t get it wrong guys.

He rapped to propose to me, Hang knows Hang didn’t choose the wrong person. Brother He’s always flexible enough to do all sorts of things just to make Hang so excited that he can say our love has never been boring because of the times he stunned me like that.

I don’t know what the future holds, but Hang has and always lives to the fullest with every moment. Hang would like to thank everyone for always being beside and accompanying Hang.

Hang will continue to devote herself to her new journey, just one more person will give her mental strength to do bigger things in the future.

Hang also asks not to share his face, because with Hang he is just someone who loves you.

Please bless Minh Hang and him.

Thank you so much everyone

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