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Miss Universe responded when the reigning Miss was criticized

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu received mixed comments about her appearance after being crowned.

On March 16, the organization’s official fanpage Miss Universe (Miss Universe) shared the video chat of Miss Harnaaz Sandhu. In the comments section, many network members continue to comment on the appearance of Indian beauties.

Faced with mixed opinions, the Miss Universe organization gave feedback. Miss Universe stated her point of view:

“We do not accept the disparagement of others in any form. Miss Universe is a community built to support, encourage and promote each other. There is no place for hate here.”

Miss Universe responded when the reigning Miss was criticized-1
Image of Miss Harnaaz Sandhu after the coronation.

Shares from Miss Universe received many interactions and support.

Before that, when participating in post-coronation activities, Harnaaz Sandhu often faced with criticism about the body. She was noted to have gained weight.

Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, then also defended the Indian beauty. She thinks that the most important thing for a beauty queen is to inspire by speech and action.

Catriona Gray Interview answer: “I feel regretful that people bash women in this way. We actively spread the message that a certain beauty representative or Miss Universe will do more than build an image. She will not be limited because of their physique”.

Harnaaz Sandhu, born in 2000, won the Miss Universe crown in December 2021. When she was crowned, she was assessed as worthy and full of talent.

On the final stage of Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu convinced the judges when answering the question: “Many people think climate change is just a hoax. What will you do to convince them to change their mind?”

Indian beauty replied: “Honestly, it breaks my heart to see that nature is facing so many problems. It’s all caused by our irresponsible behavior. I feel it’s time to talk less and act more. , each of which can lead to the killing or saving of nature.

Prevention and protection is better than repentance and repair, which is what I’m trying to convince people to do.”

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