MU is offered a plan to recruit ‘Sir Alex Ferguson 2.0’

In 2013, the legendary strategist Alex Ferguson officially retired from his military career after 27 years as the captain of Manchester United club. The influence of the former Scottish strategist at MU is extremely large and difficult to replace by anyone.

The proof is that over the past decade, 7 leaders from potential to established have taken over this club but could not achieve the same success as Sir Alex did. However, MU has never stopped trying to find a Sir Alex 2.0 for themselves.

The most perfect new coach: MU was designed to recruit Sir Alex Ferguson 2.0 - Photo 1.

Alex Ferguson’s departure left MU a void that could never be filled. Photo: internet

Recently, the club’s legend Paul Scholes has made remarkable statements on BT Sport radio. Accordingly, the former Red Devils midfielder affirmed that MU should not appoint Pochettino or Erik ten Hag next season. Instead, the Old Trafford team should recruit Thomas Tuchel from Chelsea.

“I think Thomas Tuchel will be the most complete manager at MU. He is a talented person but more importantly, Tuchel can scare the players and win.” Paul Scholes spoke up.

“The important thing in football is not only that you have a good tactical background. You also need to know how to manage the dressing room with the fear of the players towards you. That is also what Alex Ferguson once created. influence at MU as we all know it.” – The former England midfielder emphasized.

Chelsea is facing crises due to the British government’s ban imposed on Mr. Abramovich. According to Paul Scholes, this is the perfect opportunity for MU to attract “Sir Alex 2.0” to Old Trafford this summer.

Most recently, MU lost 1-0 to Atlético right at home in the European Cup C1 arena. Most likely, the Red Devils will experience another empty-handed season.

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