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My 8-year-old daughter excitedly showed off the poem she praised, I read it and cried in pain

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Hello Sunflower,

Our couple unhappy. My husband is lazy to work, loves to play, all day, he only knows how to hold chickens to fight or focus on drinking. If there is anything valuable in the house, he will pledge it to get money to play. Me give birth to a second childHusband doesn’t care either.

Many days, I had to eat instant noodles to overcome my hunger. That’s why I lost milk constantly. My baby is 4 months old, crying often. With no one around to help, I felt like I was going crazy.

Fortunately, I have an older daughter by my side. She is 8 years old but very mature, independent, and helps her mother. Yesterday, she showed me a poem she praised. When I read it, I cried because of the pain.

I wrote a poem about my wish to have a happy family. I want to go to the park with my father, I don’t want him to beat my mother and curse me anymore. The poem has only a few lines, nothing rhymes, but it breaks my heart.

Today, I decided to take my two children to my grandmother’s house to stay for a while. My husband is still the same, seeing us leaving, he humbly told me not to come back. I’m really helpless, Huong Duong. What should I do to change my husband? Shouldn’t this marriage have to end for you to be happy? (vuthibe…

My 8-year-old daughter excitedly showed off the poem she praised, I read it and cried in pain and then took the two children to my grandmother's house - Photo 2.


Perhaps when you decided to bring your child to your grandmother’s house, you partly anticipated the situations that would happen. Inside you are a huge contradiction. You want your husband to change to connect family happiness. But on the other hand, you are also stuck, bored and want to end it all. Huong Duong would like to share those pain with you.

Please text or call your husband, stating your mood and decision if he does not change. A marriage cannot be sustainable if only one person builds and the other breaks it. Marriage will not be happy if husband and wife not respect and find common ground. Give your husband some time to change.

Then you should observe your husband’s change. If he still “goes the old way”, you need to be resolute and brave to protect your life, your pride as well as bring peace to your children. Parents’ marriage greatly influences the child’s personality development. Your child cannot develop at his best if he regularly sees parents arguing and hitting each other.

Divorce is something no one wants, but in some cases, divorce is liberation and finding new happiness. Hope you will be resilient enough to overcome this storm and bravely step over the boundary to redo your life.


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