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My husband’s ex-girlfriend asked to stay at my house, when she was kicked out, she demanded 200 million in compensation

Mar 16, 2022 15:25 GMT+7

Unable to endure another day, my husband angrily threw things and kicked Nhan out of the house.

Last week, when I got home from work, I saw a strange girl standing in front of my house. I just found out that the person’s name is Nhan, my husband’s ex-girlfriend. She insisted on meeting my husband to talk, not wanting to tell me.

When my husband got there, she jumped up and hugged him tightly and cried. Seeing my husband’s attitude of asking for help made me no longer in the mood to be jealous. Afraid of being seen by the neighbors, I asked my husband to take her into the house to talk to her.

She constantly wanted to be close to my husband, but he avoided it and said that he already has a wife and children, there is no more love between the two, hoping Nhan can keep his image.

Nhan said she was kicked out of the house by her husband’s family for a week. She didn’t know where to go anymore, she asked to stay at our house for a day and then left. Knowing that her husband no longer has feelings for Nhan anymore, I don’t need to be jealous to do anything bad. Besides, people are having a hard time, I can’t chase them away.

I also prepare clothes for Nhan to wash, cook delicious food and clean her room. Leisurely stayed for 5 days and refused to leave, she lived and lived like the mistress of the family. Day by day, my wife and I are more and more tired of being tired.

Yesterday, when I finished breakfast, my husband packed Nhan’s luggage and threw her into the yard and kicked her out of the house. He told Nhan to stay a week is more than enough, the family can’t be broken because of her.

Nhan said he would go, on the condition that my wife and I have to compensate her 200 million. What have we done to deserve compensation?

Nhan said that the day we were in love, my husband had passed on gonorrhea to her. Therefore, Nhan is now infertile. I was shocked by this news. My husband said that it was because she refused to treat her illness to the right place, and even went to have sex with a few more people, suffered from other diseases, so she had the consequences like today. And my husband received good treatment, so he still gave birth to 2 healthy children.

Nhan refused to accept the blame but put all the responsibility on my husband’s head, forcing us to pay compensation before he left. If not, she can stay here and work as a maid for my house.

My husband said that Nhan is also very pitiful now, has no place to live, no job, so he also wants to give her 200 million. But I disagree, because I don’t owe her anything, why throw money out the window. I don’t know how to kick Nhan out of the house without losing money?


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