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New points on university and college enrollment in 2022

For current methods, if you want to reduce or quit, you need to have a roadmap, for example, you must not reduce more than 30% of the total target of the industry each year to avoid causing disturbance to your study and practice. of the candidate.

This is information provided by the Director of the Department Education University (Ministry of Education and Training) Nguyen Thu Thuy mentioned at Online conference for college admissions in preschool and university education in 2022 took place on the afternoon of March 16.

According to the Director of the Higher Education Department, currently, the methods of admission to universities are very diverse (about 20 methods), but still mainly focus on methods such as: considering the results of the high school graduation exam. , review transcripts, direct admissions, etc. However, this diversity also partly causes difficulties for candidates in grasping information.

There are 20 methods of university enrollment, what does the Ministry of Education and Training direct?

Many methods are used by schools during this year’s admissions season.

Along with the addition of many methods, which has made the allocation of quotas unreasonable, there has been a sharp increase and decrease over the years, making candidates unable to prepare in time for that enrollment season.

Many schools even fail to recruit students according to the announced quotas for each method of admission, leading to a lack of fairness for candidates, causing negative consequences in public opinion. For example, last year, the matriculation score according to the high school results was unusually high, and there were candidates with 30 points who also failed to enter the chosen field of study.

In addition, some schools have increased or decreased, added or decreased the exam combination, but have not given specific grounds to explain that choice so that society can agree. Schools apply many different enrollment methods, but there are no measures to ensure fairness among candidates, calling candidates for early admission without updating data on the common system, leading to the number of candidates. large virtual students, and at the same time have not created conditions for candidates to choose the field of study according to their most competent and priority aspirations.

Therefore, Ms. Thuy said that in this year’s enrollment season, schools need to maintain stability. With regard to the enrollment methods being used, if you want to reduce or eliminate the quota, you need to have a reduction plan, for example, it must not be more than 30% of the total target of the industry each year, to avoid disturbing the study. practice and practice of students. Schools also need to analyze risks and solutions, coordinate settlements in the enrollment process.

In addition, if some schools apply for admission by their own method, there are more complex requirements that still need a separate registration and application system. In the same industry, according to Ms. Thuy, it should also be on the same scale to ensure fairness.

New points on university and college enrollment in 2022

Online conference for college admissions in preschool and university education in 2022

At the conference, Deputy Minister Hoang Minh Son also said that schools should not race to “bloom” in many ways. The choice of a new method, a new combination needs to be carefully considered.

“Do not add too many test methods. When all schools introduce more methods of admission, in the end, they still only choose among those candidates, so it is not necessarily the schools that will benefit from this, “said Mr. Son.

New points in the enrollment season in 2022

The representative of the Ministry of Education and Training also outlined 6 items expected to be adjusted in the season Admissions in 2022. In which, registration for the high school graduation exam and university admission must be done on the Ministry’s Portal or the National Public Service Portal.

For candidates applying for the 1st round of admission, all admissions requests can be registered online after the end of the high school graduation exam, the aspirations are ranked in order from 1 to the end.

All the candidates’ wishes to apply for admission to the training institutions are generally filtered on the system, and the candidates who pass the exam have the highest aspirations when they meet the training institution’s conditions.

For industries that use multiple selection methods and combinations of exam subjects at the same time, schools must explain the suitability of this choice, ensuring fairness for candidates. If each method or combination of subjects has its own criteria, the enrollment schemes of the schools must explain suitable grounds for allocating the criteria for each method or combination.

In 2022, it is expected that the learning results of 10th, 11th and 12th grade will be updated to the industry database, and at the same time checked and reviewed after this data is synchronized to the exam management system. and recruitment.

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