Obsessed with palace maidens, the emperor placed 27 beds in the palace

Why is this emperor so obsessed with palace maidens? And what is the act of placing 27 beds in his palace?

Minh The Tong, eponymous Gia Tinh was the 12th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, China.

According to the records in the book “Tru At”, Minh The Tong used to act very confusingly. That is to put up to 27 beds in his palace at Can Thanh Cung (belonging to the present day Palace).

Why did the emperor do this? Is there something behind this action?

Minh The Tong – “Tan Thuy Hoang” during the Ming Dynasty

The source of the story begins when Minh The Tong was 15 years old, he began to blindly believe in the legends of immortality.

From here, he began to set up dojos to invite magicians to perform spells, praying to God to bless him so that he can stay young forever.

Then, following the advice of the magicians, this emperor also applied another method to pursue his own mythical dream, which was to drink dew water every day.

Therefore, Minh The Tong began to order the palace maids to get up early every day to go to Ngu Hoa Vien to collect dew water for themselves.

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Can Thanh Cung. (Photo: Baidu)

At the request of the emperor, the palace maids had to come to Ngu Hoa Vien from early morning and start their work.

In one hand, they hold jade cups to hold, in the other hand, they gently pick up dew drops on each blade of grass and leaf with a jade stick. This job looks simple, but it is extremely harmful to health.

The palace maids every morning had to go back and forth non-stop in Ngu Hoa Vien to collect dew. The clothes worn on the body are fragile, it is difficult to avoid being drenched by the dew.

Moreover, early morning dew is inherently extremely welding. Having to do this job regularly every day, clothes get wet and cold wind penetrates. It is difficult for the palace maidens to avoid being seriously infected with typhoid. Even if not treated in time, it can even lead to death.

Minh The Tong was scared because he was abused by a palace maid

Tortured by the long work of collecting morning dew, the palace maidens couldn’t take it any longer. They secretly discussed with each other and decided to plan to kill the person who caused both their physical and mental harm – the current emperor Minh The Tong.

According to historical records, on October 20, the 21st year of Gia Tinh (ie 1542), a group of palace maids led by a palace maid named Duong Kim Anh began to sneak into the Can Thanh Palace.

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Work is beyond endurance, the palace maidens plan to assassinate Minh The Tong. (Photo: Baidu)

After successfully entering the palace of the king, these palace maidens quietly went to Minh The Tong’s bed and began the assassination plan. They twisted many small ropes into one big rope.

While the emperor was still asleep, they immediately divided the duties. Some of the palace maidens were in charge of holding onto his limbs Emperorthe other is in charge of holding the rope around the emperor’s neck and pulling.

But perhaps because she was aware that the behavior she was doing was a felony, the palace maid in charge of pulling the cord to strangle Minh The Tong was psychologically affected, still unable to do anything.

The implementation process did not go well, one of the palace maids was too afraid to betray her teammates, gave up midway and ran to Kunning Palace to report to the queen.

Why order 27 beds

Although he did not lose his life, after regaining consciousness, Minh The Tong was extremely frightened. After the assassination, he did not even dare to return to the Qianqing Palace for more than 20 years.

The palace maidens who liked Minh The Tong, their end after that was extremely tragic. Each of them died due to extremely cruel punishments.

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Design 2 floors inside Can Thanh Cung. (Photo: Baidu)

After a long time, Minh The Tong dared to return to Can Thanh Palace. However, a “missing death” made him sensitive and wary of everything

In order to prevent a similar incident from happening, Minh The Tong ordered to arrange an extremely confusing situation in the Can Thanh Palace itself, that is, to put up 27 beds! Can Thanh Palace has a total of 2 floors. The first floor has 4 rooms, the second floor has 5 rooms. Each room has 3 beds.

The purpose behind this action of Minh The Tong is to deceive those who have the same idea of ​​killing themselves as the palace maids of the past. Those who want to assassinate him will find it difficult to do because they do not know where Minh The Tong will lie among the 27 beds in the Qianqing Palace!

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