Overview of the biggest fraud case in the history of Vietnam’s cashew industry

Regarding the case that Vietnamese enterprises lost control of 36 sets of original documents out of 100 containers exported to Italy recently, the authorities are investigating and clarifying. The Government Office has also just issued Official Dispatch No. 1583/CD-VPCP conveying ideas and directing Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh to urgently direct the removal.

Selling 100 containers of cashew nuts through brokers, businesses call for help because they are suspected of being scammed

On the evening of March 8, the employee’s information said that the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) had an express document sent to the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy, the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy, asking for assistance in the situation. emergency”.

Specifically, some businesses exporting cashew kernels to Italy through a brokerage company in Vietnam with an amount of nearly 100 containers worth hundreds of millions of dollars but have not received payment and are in danger of losing their goods.

The common point is that businesses all face the situation of constantly changing SWIFT numbers – bank identification numbers.

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Cashew exporters call for help because of the risk of losing many containers.

At the bank of Turkey, after the bank received the set of documents, the buyer was informed that the buyer was not their customer and that the bank had returned the documents but did not specify the form of payment, no provide the bill of lading number to the Vietnamese bank.

Documents sent to the bank in Italy, the local bank informed that the copies were not originals. Currently, Vietnamese enterprises do not know where the original documents are. Meanwhile, anyone with the original set of documents can go to the carrier to pick up the goods.

Facing that situation, Vinacas suggested that the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy, the Vietnam Trade Office in Italy work with the competent authorities and shipping lines in Italy to request shipping lines to apply temporary “urgent” measures. hold the consignments that are at the port and will arrive at the port.

The brokerage company has never had any problems?

Previously, the content of the petitions of 5 cashew kernel export and processing enterprises said that they had signed a contract with a number of Italian customers through Kim Hanh Viet brokerage company to export cashew kernels to Italy and Turkey.

Kim Hanh Viet brokerage company is owned by a woman named Hanh (Vietnamese overseas Vietnamese), has over 10 years of operation and has not had any problems, so there is no reason to warn and very happy. difficult to anticipate or not work with this person.

However, after the incident, a number of businesses filed an application with the content that Kim Hanh Viet showed signs of fraud. However, this is just a suspicion and has no basis for confirmation.

Vinacas officially announced that only 36 containers lost control

On the afternoon of March 9, the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), held a press conference to inform about the case that many containers of cashew kernels sent abroad were at risk of being lost due to the loss of the original documents.

At the press conference, Mr. Bach Khanh Nhut, Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association said that according to the original plan, about 100 containers of cashew kernels will be exported to Italy and Turkey. During execution, several containers departed. While in the process of implementation, businesses discovered signs of shady, suspected of being cheated, so they promptly prevented the containers that had not yet departed.

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Vinacas held a press conference on the evening of March 9. (Photo source: Nguyen Vy/Dan Viet)

“Thanks to this, the number of containers that lost control is exactly 36, not nearly 100 as some previously posted information. Of which, 2 containers are exported to Turkey, the rest are exported to Italy. “, said Mr. Nhat.

According to Mr. Nhut, businesses have a very high risk of losing 36 containers and consider it an “urgent situation”.

From this serious case, the Vietnam Cashew Association urgently and respectfully proposes to the Prime Minister to direct the relevant Ministries and Agencies and Interpol Vietnam on the basis of their functions and tasks, to work closely to provide good support. best for businesses with the following objectives: Retain shipments that are located at the port and will arrive at the port; does not release the goods to the consignee even if they present the original bill of lading. At the same time, allowing Vietnamese businesses to receive goods back.

The first series was decided by the Italian financial police to keep the port

To continue handling the case of 100 containers of cashews exported to Italy, on March 10, the Vietnam Trade Office delegation in Italy worked with the honorary consul of Vietnam in Naples and many agencies in the South of this country such as: Naples port, military police, tax as well as banks and DHL (express delivery service) – the main transit points for 36 sets of original documents that Vietnamese companies lost control of.

The signs of fraud become clearer when there are banks that receive sets of documents that are just copies or blank papers sent to people who do not have an account at that bank.

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Trade Office of the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy worked with the Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Naples. (Photo: VNA)

On the Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam Trade Counselor in Italy Nguyen Duc Thanh said: “Up to now, we have information, for example, some people participating in the signing and implementation of these contracts. Among those people, there is a person in this photo from Naples who took a set of documents from a Vietnamese business and bragged that I got the original documents, although I have not paid any money, but still Let me pick up the goods, then 5 days 10 days later I will pay.”

According to Counselor Nguyen Duc Thanh, currently there are only 36 sets of lost documents that Vietnamese companies have not yet recovered. Out of the original 100 sets of documents, the companies kept more than 50 sets of documents, reclaiming many more sets of documents that DHL itself sent back to Vietnam.

Most importantly, the first 4 containers arriving at the port of Genoa were decided by the Italian financial police to keep the port thanks to timely information from businesses related to the case, the involvement of lawyers and support. of the Embassy, ​​Trade Office of Vietnam in Italy, Honorary Consulate in Naples. The whole Italian port system was alerted to this incident.

“The lawyers will work with the Italian authorities on how to return the goods to the Vietnamese side, or let the Vietnamese side sell to other Italian businesses or sell to other countries. We will have to Efforts are made so that shipments that are on the port when transshipment somewhere can be returned to Vietnam.And if the containers on their way to Italy cannot return, then we must handle them as soon as they arrive at the ports. port to avoid related losses if the goods are stuck in Italy for a long time,” the counselor said.

The Prime Minister directed the case of historical fraud in the cashew industry in Vietnam

On the basis of information reflected on this case in many online newspapers, the Government Office has just issued Official Dispatch No. 1583/CD-VPCP to 5 ministries including Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, Public Security, Transport – Transport, the State Bank to convey the direction of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on exporting cashew to the European market.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh assigned the above ministries, according to their functions and tasks, to urgently coordinate with the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) and relevant agencies and units to examine and clarify the causes.

From there, take measures to handle and support according to competence, ensure the legal and legitimate interests of people and businesses, in accordance with the provisions of domestic and international laws, and promptly report to the Prime Minister. Government difficulties and problems beyond its authority.


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