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Parents afraid of Covid-19, boy had to have his testicle removed

A 5-year-old boy has pain and swelling in his vagina. The mother was afraid of the Covid-19 epidemic, so she took her son to a hospital near her home but did not improve. When he arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, he had necrosis on both testicles.

PVK boy (5 years old, in Binh Duong) was brought to Children’s Hospital 2 by his family in Ho Chi Minh City after many days of crying. The baby has pain and bruising in the scrotum. Before that, when she discovered that her baby’s left scrotum was red and swollen, her mother took her to a hospital near her home for examination.

Normally, her sick child still takes her to Ho Chi Minh City for a check-up because the roads are convenient. However, due to the epidemic, fear of Covid-19 spreading, she delayed forever.

In the countryside, baby K. was diagnosed with orchitis and prescribed oral medication. A day later, the baby was still in pain, the mother was worried so she took it to Children’s Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City. However, both of my testicles were still untreated and were necrotic.

When the doctor announced that her son had to undergo an orchiectomy, the mother was in great pain. I don’t know how I will face my child’s future.

Parents afraid of Covid-19, boy had to have his testicle removed
Children’s Hospital is threaded, strictly Covid-19 testing.

Meanwhile, THH (6 years old, from Tien Giang) also has pain in her private area. The baby’s mother, Nguyen Thi Lanh, thought that the child was bumped while playing, so she did not pay attention.

But after many days, baby H. was still crying, the mother was startled. When examined, Lanh found that the baby’s left scrotum was slightly red and swollen. But because she was afraid of the epidemic, she bought anti-inflammatory medicine for her baby to take temporarily.

On the third day, seeing the child in pain, the mother discovered that the whole genital area of ​​the child was red and swollen. Immediately, the baby was taken to a local hospital and transferred to Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City for treatment.

Through examination and diagnostic imaging, the doctor determined that H. had testicular torsion, a very serious condition. Although the medical team urgently operated on, but it was too late, the baby had to remove both testicles.

“I thought he was bitten by an insect, but I didn’t know he was so sick. After that, it can grow up, give birth or not …”, Lanh shared miserably.

Master, Doctor Nguyen Binh An, Department of Nephrology, Children’s Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City, said that the two cases above had severe testicular torsion. The medical team performed an emergency surgery, but at that time, the babies had a blockage in the blood vessels supplying the testicles, causing necrosis and had to be removed.

Doctor Binh An said that necrosis due to testicular torsion is not uncommon. Children’s Hospital 2 usually has to operate on a boy with such a problem every week.

In terms of hygiene, children rarely have complications, but in the long run, physiological and reproductive issues will not be guaranteed, greatly affecting the future of children.

Parents afraid of Covid-19, boy had to have his testicle removed
Testicular torsion surgery in children. Illustration.

Doctors said that testicular torsion in children is one of the causes of acute scrotal syndrome. Symptoms are easily confused with other causes of scrotal pain such as orchitis, epididymitis, testicular torsion …

Torsion of the spermatic cord and its internal structures, leading to obstruction of the blood vessels supplying the testicles. This is a surgical emergency, and delay or misdiagnosis can lead to testicular necrosis.

Within 6 hours from the onset, if the child is operated on, the recovery will be 90-100%. However, after 12 to 24 hours, the opportunity is almost gone.

After untwisting, the testicle should be warmed for about 15 minutes, if perfusion is not improved, it may still need to be removed.

Therefore, when boys complain of vaginal pain, parents should not be subjective but should take them to a specialist hospital for examination. If not treated in time, the child may not be able to keep the testicles and affect the reproductive function in the future.

“Especially when growing up, children who lose their testicles or have only one testicle will also have a lot of psychological effects on them,” said Dr. An.

Before the above consequences, parents need to be very alert and consider the abnormal situation of their children. In addition to Covid-19, other diseases still exist and affect the health and lives of children.

At Children’s hospitals, the threading and testing is done very closely. Therefore, parents do not need to be too afraid of being infected with Covid-19 but ignore the opportunity for treatment of their children.

Testicular torsion in children often presents with sudden, severe pain in one or both scrotum. Some children have lower abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Newborns only have fussiness, stop sucking edema and redness of the scrotum.

In addition, in patients with undescended testicles, there will be pain, swelling in the groin area on the side without testicles with pain in the lower abdomen. The patient may or may not have a fever.

If detected at a late stage, the patient may have swelling, pain and redness of the scrotum, do not let the scrotum be touched. When a child has acute scrotal pain, parents take the child to a specialist hospital at any time, do not arbitrarily buy pain relievers.

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