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Poetry of Nguyen Quang Hung: Flower accents

It is the sign of the high sky

Each flower has just bloomed in the new spring

The flower mark cools down the human heart

The heart is like paper to receive every word of truth

Nguyen Quang Hung's poetry: Capital letters - 1

I see in the human mind

In the morning mist in the grassy life

In the way the wind calls the clouds to fly

Let’s hope for a good reunion day

Then thousands of voices rise up

High, flowing water wishes for life

From the depths of the blue arch

On the magic of the heart of the land

These are the long secret years

There will be a lot of fresh spring messages

It is heaven and earth with people

Approving the covenant of the words of nature

That star above

Around here gather hundreds of regions of leaves and flowers

Know how to love rivers near and far

The soul and the mountains are one body

Together in the needy support

People who rely on rivers and mountains from this favor

Spring refreshes the month

Planting a blooming seal on human hands

Time in all directions in life

There are flowers and buds that remind me of green words

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