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Post-Covid-19 affects married life

In recent days, at the Post-Covid-19 Clinic, Duc Giang General Hospital, the number of patients coming to the clinic has increased.

According to them, although it was late in the afternoon, many young and old patients were still standing by the door of the waiting room for the results.

The staff at the screening area to collect the ballots said that the patients were all people who had been infected with COVID-19 and had recovered, some had only recovered for 2 weeks, or 3 weeks, even had a decision to recover from Covid-19 disease. -19 from a few months, there are still abnormal health phenomena.

Patient waiting outside the clinic

Patient waiting outside the clinic

According to some patients, in addition to the common symptoms such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath, prolonged cough, headache, poor appetite, anxiety and insomnia, there are also symptoms related to physiological problems.

Among the patients waiting for the results, Mr. Tran Trung D. (40 years old, in Hoan Kiem) did not hesitate to share that, although he has recovered from COVID-19 for nearly 3 months, he still practices badminton as usual, but he does not hesitate to share. Still feeling short of breath.

“In the past, I went to the playground for 3 lightning bolts, if no one else came in, I would continue to play the game still well, recently only 1 lightning has exhaled. Men like brothers and sisters are easy to understand, “that thing” is also felt. clearly recognized, before “communication” a few times, now it’s only been touched for a week”, Mr. D laughs.

Older patients feel more pronounced

Older patients feel more pronounced

As for Mr. Van Nh, in Duc Giang shared, this year is 50 years old, usually at this age, the frequency of married life has decreased, but unexpectedly after the time of Covid-19 the patient showed obvious symptoms.

“After a few weeks of “meeting” my wife, I don’t feel very desirable, before, I couldn’t hold back for more than 3 days. I think that post-Covid-19 has a real impact, so I should go to the doctor. To be honest, sex is not exciting. , even though his wife is still soliciting”Mr. Nh said.

Post-Covid-19: Affects married life - Photo 3.

Not only men who feel that their married life has decreased after being infected with Covid-19, Hoa Thanh V. (35 years old, in Duc Giang) has just held the result sheet in her hand shyly sharing that: “The sisters invited each other to go to the doctor, but some were too afraid to go to the gynecologist, after finding out, I felt that Covid-19 could also affect the couple’s life to some extent.” Ms. V said that she recovered from the disease for 2 weeks, but now she has anorexia, the most obvious manifestation is shortness of breath and sometimes dizziness.

Is it possible that Covid-19 changes hormones?

Talking to us, Dr. Le Van Dan – Post-COVID-19 Clinic (Duc Giang Hospital) said that this time more patients come to the clinic to learn about some male patients with physiological symptoms. Similar to the case of Mr. D.

Doctor Dan said, it is difficult for patients to think that it is a delicate matter, rarely sharing but only talking about typical symptoms such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath, headache …

Doctors analyze the cause

Doctors analyze the cause

Regarding the cause of the condition as shared by the patients, Dr. Dan said that after being infected with COVID-19, there may be hormonal changes in the body, the sex hormones decrease or the body is disturbed. can reduce sex drive.

“Although this is not an outstanding situation that a person infected with COVID-19 encounters, it should not be subjective. Patients who go to the doctor need to share with their doctor about these abnormalities, from which the doctor will check to see if there are any abnormalities. abnormalities in sex, hormones, psychology or not and there are counseling, health monitoring and drug use to improve this situation”, Doctor Dan shared.

Medical experts also said that, although boredom not wanting to have sex, premature ejaculation is not a prominent problem of the post-COVID-19 period, but people should not be subjective, because it will affect the quality of life. , Family happiness. ram

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