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Post-Covid-19 eye pain, doctors recommend absolutely not doing what millions of people do every day

Recently, the Eye Clinic, Bai Chay Hospital has continuously received many cases of patients suffering from pink eye Covid-19. The disease can be severe or mild depending on symptoms, but if not examined and treated, it can seriously affect eye health such as corneal damage, impaired vision, and more serious damage to the retina causing damage to the retina. blind.

Patient Do Thi H. 38 years old, residing in Gieng Day Ward, Ha Long City appeared red and itchy after 3 days of being negative for Covid-19. Previously, the patient had Covid-19 with symptoms of headache, fever, cough, sore throat.

At the Eye clinic of Bai Chay Hospital, the doctor examined and diagnosed post-Covid-19 conjunctivitis. Patients were prescribed and instructed to use antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of trachea, artificial tears, and daily eye hygiene with physiological saline solution.

According to the Eye Clinic, Bai Chay Hospital has up to 40% of the total number of patients visiting eye diseases at this time with post-Covid-19 conjunctivitis.

Post-Covid-19 eye pain, doctors recommend absolutely not doing what millions of people do every day - Photo 1.

The patient came to the doctor for a red eye after recovering from Covid-19 at Bai Chay Hospital

Master – Doctor Bui Thi Phuong Nhung – Department of Ophthalmology, Bai Chay Hospital said: “Conjunctivitis is a common eye infection, caused by viruses or bacteria, sometimes due to some allergic agents, treatable and preventable.

Most F0 have symptoms of red eyes, the most common is conjunctivitis. The main cause of F0’s painful, red eyes after being cured is the virus multiplying in the eye mucosa.

Patients with post-Covid-19 conjunctivitis usually present with red eyes in the white parts of the eyes, which do not cause discomfort or the eyes may be painful, feel itchy or sticky, watery and oozing with pain. eye”

In addition, many studies around the world have shown that some cases of post-Covid-19 patients with pink eye condition do not simply signal a more dangerous eye disease such as anterior uveitis (an inflammation of the upper part of the eye). anterior to the eyeball) due to multisystem systemic inflammatory response pathology; Retinal microvascular disease is associated with post-recovery coagulopathy.

In addition, Covid-19 can affect the retina and choroid (the back part of the eyeball) through anemia, vasculitis, damage to retinal vascular endothelial cells, leading to venous occlusion. retinal vessels, more severe retinal artery occlusion, causing irreversible blindness.

To prevent sequelae, post-covid-19 eye disease, doctors recommend that F0 need to prepare 0.9% physiological saline (10 ml) to clean the eyes. Physiological saline has the effect of washing away viruses and inflammatory factors from the surface of the eyeball, helping the return of tears and faster recovery in cases of red eye.

If you have Covid-19 or have recovered, you should limit looking at phones, computers, and electronic devices for a long time to avoid eye strain and retinal damage.

When the eyes appear red, swollen, painful right after having Covid-19 or after recovering from the disease, it is necessary to go to the doctor for advice and prescription of a specialist for eye drops, eye drops. antibiotics, anti-inflammatory to avoid missing the time of effective use and avoid aggravating complications or unwanted side effects (dry eyes, glaucoma, blindness).

In addition, F0 needs to drink enough water, take extra vitamins (A, C, E), keep a relaxed and optimistic spirit, and treat Covid-19 according to the doctor’s instructions.

In particular, doctors also note that post-Covid-19 patients with red eyes must absolutely not buy drugs on their own. You should consult a specialist for advice, proper treatment, and avoid serious complications.

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