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Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise ‘reaches out’ in the digital age

For digital transformation, businesses need many smart applications to help store and operate faster to optimize costs and increase customer experience. The cloud computing market in Vietnam is expected to explode soon.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise 'reaches out' in the digital age

High growth cloud computing market

As the trend of the modern technology era, cloud computing is an important part of the 4th industrial revolution. The use of cloud computing contributes to making technology applications no longer required. Depending on the network infrastructure, users can save on investment costs and hardware systems.

From there, the cloud helps to minimize the “pain” of business owners when it can provide the most optimal solution in terms of costs, operations, improving service quality, customer experience and increasing revenue.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise 'reaches out' in the digital age

Currently, domestic cloud service providers have competitive advantages in terms of flexible prices, meeting the needs of many users, while foreign businesses have relatively cheap prices. regularly apply promotions to attract new users.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise “reaching out”

Cloud computing market in Vietnam has also appeared many “big guys” such as Viettel, VNG, CMC Cloud, VNPT and Bizflycloud. In particular, VNG Cloud is a unit whose orientation not only stops at creating technology platforms and products but also focuses on developing and building practical technology solutions, thoroughly solving problems. difficulties of enterprises in the process of digital transformation.

In addition, VNG Cloud has also helped businesses improve efficiency in centralized management and proactively ensure security in buildings, and at the same time improve the quality of sales and customer care services through solutions. Cloud-based camera solution combined with AI and omnichannel solution.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise 'reaches out' in the digital age

As one of the leading units in the field of cloud computing, VNG Cloud has shown its commitment and attachment to the multi-cloud multi-cloud model for many years. VNG Cloud has partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google, VMWare… for cloud interoperability.

For example, VNG Cloud has successfully integrated the vCloudcam solution and video surveillance method with the AWS cloud computing platform, and developed the “fall warning” feature in many businesses.

The entire comprehensive monitoring system provided to businesses in Vietnam is guaranteed to operate on cloud computing from VNG Cloud. In other countries, all vCloudcam technologies will operate on AWS infrastructure.

Especially in March 2022, VNG Cloud officially became Cloudian’s technology partner in Vietnam market. The cooperation of 2 major domestic and foreign technology partners with the desire to eliminate the limitations of conventional storage and allow enterprises to easily manage all unstructured distributed data coming from multiple environments. as complex as Hybrid Cloud. The launch of Hosting Service on Hybrid Cloud environment helps VNG Cloud expand its capacity in providing optimal solutions for many fields such as data security in banking – finance, healthcare, multimedia (media), and video surveillance.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise 'reaches out' in the digital age
The launch of the Hybrid Cloud Storage service helps VNG Cloud improve deployment and data management capabilities for customers in the ascending phase of the hybrid cloud.

In addition, the authorization management service at VNG Cloud is also interested in building by this unit, this is a service of IT infrastructure management and operation to help customers’ systems operate optimally and efficiently through various services. monitoring activities, handling errors, reporting and making recommendations to improve the system according to ITIL standards.

Specifically, VNG Cloud provides services on behalf of customers to operate IT systems according to specific needs, the system will be monitored and alerted 24/7. In the event of an unfortunate incident, customers can also contact technicians directly and gain access to VNG Cloud’s ITSM system for monitoring and troubleshooting as well as other service requests.

Notably, VNG Cloud also owns a team of system engineers with solid professional knowledge, in-depth skills and experience, always updating new technologies to help system administration work with highest performance.

Mr. Dang The Tai, CEO of VNG Cloud affirmed: “I believe VNG Cloud has been and will continue to be a reliable partner accompanying customers in technology application and digital transformation because we are confident with more than 15 years of experience. Experience in consulting specialized IT solutions for digital transformation, contributing to promoting the digital transformation project of enterprises nationwide.

Pure Vietnamese cloud computing enterprise 'reaches out' in the digital age

Tai, in the next phase, he will continue to accompany the team of experts with many years of experience at VNG Cloud to constantly innovate and develop to bring customers an eco-system. True Cloud services are the most diverse and comprehensive, affirming VNG Cloud as the leading cloud computing provider in Vietnam.

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