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Raising snakes in glass cabinets, raising bedbugs for high income

A man in Hau Giang keeps an elephant snake in a glass cabinet, taking care of it as a “pet” with high efficiency. And raising bed bugs sounds very strange but brings economic value to many families in Thanh Hoa.

Raising thousands of snakes in the upstairs house, in the glass cabinet, taking care of them like a ‘pet’

Mr. Truong Thanh Ngon (50 years old, living in Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang) is considered the first raising snakes and elephants in the glass cabinet in the West. On the 3rd floor of the house, Mr. Ngon raises thousands of snakes in 100 glass cabinets, earning several hundred million dong a year.

“Compared to raising ibis in a cement tank, it is easier to take care of in a glass cabinet… At first, I raised snakes in a ‘artistic’ style for fun, but I didn’t expect it to be successful. Now I focus on raising snakes and elephants so that when I’m old and in poor health, I can quit my job of repairing machines to switch to snake farming,” said Mr. Ngon.

Raising snakes in glass cabinets, raising bedbugs for high income
Mr. Ngon was the first person to raise snakes and elephants in a glass cabinet in the West (Photo: Hoai Thanh)

Raising bedbugs, a strange job at the border

“Raising bedbugs”, a job that sounds very strange, but is one of the occupations that bring economic value to many families in the border district of Muong Lat (Thanh Hoa) for many years. Mr. Luong Thanh Binh (Muong Lat town, Muong Lat district) said in Dan Tri Newspaper, farming red ants is very easy, easy to do, and has economic efficiency, so many Hmong, Thai and Kho Mu households in the field of implementation.

Usually in April of the calendar year every year, farmers start to release the seed, until about October to collect the products and stock up again, until April of the following year to harvest again. According to local people, each central pole (500m2), if you plant a lychee tree to release aphids, you can harvest about 3 quintals of plastic. At the current price of 50,000 VND/kg of red antler resin, farmers can sell 15 million VND, minus the cost, they still earn more than 10 million VND.

Fish can ‘feed the bottle’, act out the scene of ‘birthing’ in the West

The owner of school of catfishThis unique snakehead fish is Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam (43 years old, living in Can Tho city). Mr. Tam said, about 5 months ago, Mr. Tam bought 700 fingerlings of catfish to raise in nets. In order for the catfish to come ashore to eat bait, Mr. Tam took about 4 months to train them.

When the snakeheads were “old” and heavy, and they were lazy to fly, Mr. Tam released them into the big pond. When going to the pond, the snakehead fish are very shy, Tam takes a lot of time to practice feeding them from a bottle.

Strange job: Raising snakes in glass cabinets, raising aphids in the forest collects tens of millions of dollars
The fish at the same time overcame the sponge to get food. (Photo: Thien Chi)

At first, only a few fish came to “feed the bottle”, but now the fish are crowded and compete to get a bottle. “My herd of snakeheads currently has a few thousand. In which, the snakehead fish sucks the bottle very badly, sometimes even sucking on the “bottle of milk” to drag it away”, Mr. Tam shared.

Special market selling young rice as vegetables

Many people in Thanh Duong commune (Thanh Chuong, Nghe An) also do not remember when the market selling seedlings (young rice plants) was formed. People from all over the world when passing through here will be surprised by this “goods”, but for the people here, it is normal to bring excess rice to sell, not to mention it can bring a valuable source of income. on the occasion after Tet.

Young rice plants are pruned from the field, bundled into handfuls, and sold for 10,000-13,000 VND/bundle. The market selling this special item meets spontaneously, but sellers and buyers are no less busy.

Unique craft of making ropes out of bark, discarded sacks

Since ancient times, the Jrai people in Plei Chrung village (Ia Piar commune, Phu Thien district, Gia Lai) have used forest trees and sacks to make ropes for production. The stitches of wire making are all from the skillful and supple hands of the craftsman, so the product is solid, durable and colorful. The most important step to determine the quality of the rope is the step of selecting and stripping each rope on the bag.

Strange job: Raising snakes in glass cabinets, raising aphids in the forest collects tens of millions of dollars
Unique rope making craft, raw materials from rice bags or tree bark.

According to Mr. Ksor Blang, this profession can only be done by men and boys. Because the process takes a lot of effort to pull the rope and sit for dozens of hours to complete a quality yarn. Thanks to these ropes, the Jrai people also have extra income in the harvest season.

The old man makes the best unique shoes

Despite the changing times and the development of technology, there are still many “long-lived old people” in prosperous Saigon who are attached to the traditional job of the family or profession that supported them in the past. Tien Phong newspaper said that, from a young age as a shoemaker, until now, at the age of 90, artist Trinh Ngoc is still ardent with every needle and tip to produce the best shoes in terms of quality and design. .

Each pair of handmade shoes by artisan Trinh Ngoc costs from 7-8 million VND/pair, but the customer did not pay the price, and even ordered a few pairs at a time. Because the unique shoes of the “unique” type, the artisans use their own hands to punch each pattern on the leather, always have their own soul.

Rare white python in Ninh Binh

The “white snake” (albino python) of a rare type appearing in Van Phuong commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province is causing a stir in public opinion. Mr. Nguyen Phu Nam – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Van Phuong Commune – said on Dan Viet Newspaper: “The python with the white body, also known as the “white snake”, was discovered by people on March 11, weighing about 10 kg, more than 3 meters long.

The whole body of the python is white, the head has a very strange pattern. According to the people of Van Phuong commune, the python is all white because it has a mutation.

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