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Reminders to wear masks, medical staff are assaulted at the hospital

Thursday, March 17, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

On March 16, An Khe Town Medical Center (An Khe Town, Gia Lai Province) reported to the An Khe Town Police, about the patient’s family members assaulting medical staff.

Accordingly, on the evening of March 15, at the Emergency Department, Medical Center, TX. An Khe has patient Huynh Thi M (SN 1993, living in An Phuoc Ward, An Khe Town) came to see a doctor. Record the patient when entering the emergency room in a state of consciousness, non-contact, limb contracture, stable vital signs and diagnosed hypocalcemia by the doctor.

Reminders to wear masks, medical staff were assaulted at the hospital - 1

Emergency Department, An Khe Town Center – where the incident happened

Nurse Nguyen Thi Thao reminded the patient’s family to wear a mask. However, the patient’s family cursed and insulted the medical staff. When nurse Thao carried out the medical order, her family obstructed and did not cooperate to treat the patient and rushed in to beat nurse Thao.

When nurse Nguyen Nhu Phong intervened, she was attacked by two family members using helmets.

As a result, two nurses, Thao and Phong, suffered multiple injuries and severe psychological trauma and could not continue to work. The incident was witnessed by the entire crew and the patient’s family.

An Khe Town Medical Center hopes that the case will be handled satisfactorily and fairly so that medical staff can feel secure in performing their assigned tasks.

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