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Secondary schools in Hanoi speed up revision for students preparing for the 10th grade exam

According to the plan of the Hanoi People’s Committee, candidates take part in the exam Admissions Grade 10 in 2022-2023 will take 3 exams including Math, Literature, and English instead of 4 exams like in previous years. The exam schedule is expected to be from June 10 to June 20. Immediately after Hanoi announced the 10th grade enrollment plan, many secondary schools across the city rushed to prepare, speeding up the review progress for students.

At Dong Da Secondary School (Dong Da, Hanoi), Ms. Dinh Thi Van Hong, principal of the school said that besides teaching basic knowledge, class teachers are actively giving students practice exam questions. to grade 10. For students who are not sure of the knowledge, the teacher will assign lessons by day, by week for them to learn more on television, youtube… Teachers can check the lesson directly in class or share online test group. In addition, Dong Da Secondary School also organizes for students to review each way and organizes to take a mock test every 2 weeks with marks and experience.

Secondary schools in Hanoi speed up revision for students preparing for exams in grades 10 - 1

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Van Hong, the school always orients to review and stick to the basic program. The teachers also classified students into groups to assign appropriate exercises, then held mock exams to assess the ability of each student.

At Chu Van An Secondary School (Long Bien, Hanoi), teacher Nguyen Anh Tuan, the school’s principal, said that in the teaching process, the school always pays attention to fostering 3 subjects of Math, Literature, and English – certainly. included in the 10th grade entrance exam for 9th graders. The time spent on these 3 subjects in the high-quality program is also increased by 2 periods/week.

Besides, for effective review, Chu Van An Secondary School also classifies students according to their ability to have appropriate solutions to support them. Each subject has to come up with a strategy to help students have solid knowledge when taking the exam and have solutions to close the gap between students.

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, it is right that the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, listening to schools and public opinion, decided to reduce the number of exam subjects in grade 10 in the context that learning was seriously affected by the epidemic. appropriate and very timely, reducing pressure on both students and schools. However, the Department of Education and Training also needs to soon have specific and focused orientations and guidelines in terms of knowledge so that schools, parents and students can rest assured to review.

With Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School (Ba Dinh, Hanoi), exam preparation for 9th grade students takes place from the beginning of the year, whether teaching online or in person, the program plan is still guaranteed on schedule. During the teaching process, teachers classify students and have a free training plan for low-achieving students in the afternoon.

Ms. Nguyen Mai Huong, Principal of Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School, said that this year, the time for online learning is more than in previous years, so the school also built a more detailed and specific plan. Specifically, the school continues to implement the learning plan until there is a review and consolidation of knowledge. Currently, teachers of all grades are taking advantage of face-to-face learning time to classify and deploy additional training for students. When students are classified, teachers will form groups, provide training at an appropriate time according to the plan of the whole school, and coordinate with students’ parents to supplement students’ knowledge.

In addition to the survey schedule of the Department of Education and Training of Ba Dinh District, Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School will organize survey sessions in April and May. The first survey is in April for the purpose of assessing review. practice from the beginning of the year to the present time. In this survey, the school often cooperates with a number of schools. This year, Phan Chu Trinh Secondary School will coordinate with Mac Dinh Chi Secondary School (Ba Dinh). The independent survey test is known only to the Board of Directors, through this test, the school will notify parents of specific results to understand the academic ability of their children, coordinate with the school to guide them to study. effective exercise. In May, the school continued to conduct a second survey to serve as a basis for consulting on choosing schools suitable to each student’s ability.

The most important thing is still self-study

According to Ms. Nguyen Mai Huong, this year the 9th graders have just “released” great anxiety when the Hanoi Department of Education and Training decided not to take the 4th subject. This is the right decision, because this year’s 9th graders have Having to study online for 3 consecutive years due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Even though studying online, quitting the 4th subject also relieves the pressure, moreover the exam plan is stable, the students are also ready and knowledgeable, the most important thing right now is to keep health, don’t put pressure on yourself, study seriously, listen to the teachers’ instructions… so the results will be high”, Ms. Mai Huong reminded candidates.

Giving advice to students before the 10th grade entrance exam, Ms. Dinh Thi Van Hong, Principal of Dong Da Secondary School, said that now knowledge has been reduced quite a lot, so students should not panic. Focus on key knowledge to review and pay attention to forging skills that are reinforced by teachers when correcting problems in class.

“You should study wherever you go, don’t spread it. In addition, students should also have a clear study plan, make outlines according to knowledge areas, review in groups, exchange and share with friends and teachers. In addition, students also need to regularly practice previous years’ questions, taking notes on important parts that are easy to lose points.” Ms. Van Hong noted.

Giving advice to students preparing to enter the arduous 10th grade entrance exam, teacher Nguyen Tuan Anh, Principal of Chu Van An Secondary School, said that the remaining time is not long, so each student need really hard work, self-study.

“Self-study is the most important thing, no matter how well the teachers teach, the students can’t turn their knowledge into their own if they don’t learn. The knowledge in the exam is also shown at a basic level, mainly in the 9th grade program, so students need to be confident in their learning ability to practice more effectively.

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